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Aj and Jen Gentile of tell us how to route cannabis delivery with military efficiency. This may be the way that over 80% of cannabis is purchased in the future.


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Category:general -- posted at: 11:39pm EST is tackling one of the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. Tradiv connects cultivators, wholesalers, dispensaries, and marijuana infused products (MIPs) companies together on one platform. Tradiv will allow participants on their platform to view, purchase, and arrange delivery all online.

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In this interview Michael Beck of Royal Gold reveals the optimal growing medium for cannabis plants. He also tells us to avoid the most common problems new and veteran growers make.

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Shaun Crew, the founder and CEO of Hemp Oil Canada discusses large hemp cultivation in Canada. Discover all the products and food made from hemp, and how the demand for hemp is growing around the world.


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There is perhaps nobody that has more experience understanding how cannabis can help PTSD than Dr. Sue Sisley, especially when it comes to helping veterans. Learn why big pharma is trying to stop Dr. Sisley’s critical research. 


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David Goldstein is the co-founder of Potbotics. Potbotics flagship product is Potbot. PotBot is a unique medical marijuana recommendation engine that uses cutting edge neural-net algorithms to recommend cannabinoid levels and custom strains to medical marijuana patients. By combining scientific data and crowdsourced reviews, PotBot’s desktop and mobile app will guide patients toward the appropriate strain and consumption method for their specific ailments, eliminating the need for patients to experiment with different strains themselves.


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Learn why Greg Engel left a lucrative position in the pharmaceutical industry to become the CEO of a cannabis cultivation company called Tilray. Tilray is part of the Privateer Holdings portfolio and it considered among the best capitalized and most well run Canadian cannabis cultivation companies. There are significant differences between how the government regulates cannabis in Canada in the U.S. We go over some of those differences and more in this interview.

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This sleek home grow solution looks like something Apple would make if they were in the cannabis space, it’s just beautiful. With an app and beautiful grow grow cabinet you are about to become a master grower, it’s easy, find out in this interview.


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What are the 5 Trends that will disrupt the cannabis industry?


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Have you ever been too high? taken too many edibles? taken one too many hits off a joint? well Nicole Smith from Mary’s Medicinals thinks she can help you with that problem. Mary’s Rescue is a small drink that can help bring you down when you feel you over-medicated.

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Michah Tapman is a Partner and Program Manager at CanopyBoulder the first cannabis accelerator. In this interview we explore the big problems that need to be solved in the cannabis space, how entrepreneurs are picked to particpated in the CanopyBoulder program and more.  Learn more at

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In this episode you’ll get a glimpse of what indoor growing will look like in the years ahead. Where water, nutrients, are delivered to plants on demand without the need for soil, the sun, or much growing space. Chad Sykes is the founder and CEO of Indoor Harvest,

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Interview with Julie Dooley, Founder of Julie’s Natural Edibles. Julie discusses the different ways to make cannabis infused edibles. Learn how different strains of edibles can affect your symptoms. We explore why Julie uses cannabis butter for her edibles.

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Interview with Christian Nitu, Co-founder of Weave. Weave is both a cannabis search engine, but also an analytics and insights platform for dispensaries.

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Johann Hari is the author of Chasing the Scream, The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs. Johann walks us through all the alarming and rarely mentioned ways the war on drugs hurts societies and how ending prohibition brings order. Johann details how countries around the world are ending prohibition and the amazing results they are seeing as a result.

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Matt Karnes, founder of GreenWave Advisors takes his keen analytical eye and helps understand the cannabis industry in size and profit potential compared to other “sin” industries.

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In this episode Ben Holmes of Centennial Seeds helps us understand the importance of cannabis and hemp seeds and where we are in terms of having a good seed stock. Ben also talks about why it is often preferable to grow cannabis from seed instead of growing clones from a mother plant.

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Cristina Sanchez is a molecular biologist from Complutense University in Madrid Spain.  She has been studying cannabis for fifteen years and has discovered that cannabis sends a message to cancer cells to commit suicide.

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Up until very recently machines that automated the cannabis trimming process were awful.

They were not designed well, they produced cone-shaped buds and they would get gummed up with resin easily. The GreenBroz automated machine just works. It is quiet, fast and treats you buds extremely gently. 

Learn why growers and business owners both love the GreenBroz machine

Interview with Cullen Raichart of GreenBroz.
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Cheryl Shuman beat cancer with the help of cannabis and went on to become the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and a media darling. 

Key Takeaways:

1:13 – Cheryl’s background

2:39 – Cheryl talks about how cannabis oil helped her in her fight against cancer

4:59 – How did the eating and meditation play a role in Cheryl’s recovery

11:12 – Overview of California’s cannabis laws

17:02 – Cheryl discusses her growing preferences

18:07 – Cheryl discusses how celebrities feel about cannabis

21:01 – Cheryl talks about her fund for investing in cannabis businesses

26:46 – Cheryl discusses cannabis stocks

28:07 – Cheryl talks about her appearance with Patrick Rea of Canopy Boulder on CNBC’s Power Lunch

29:54 – What is the Super Pac

31:21 – Cheryl discussing important issues she doesn’t get time to elaborate on in TV interviews


35:34 – Cheryl’s contact info

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Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a New York City-based non-profit organization working to end the War on Drugs. Ethan is regularly interviewed on major news outlets including: Rolling Stone, Fox News, The Colbert Report and more.

Ethan brings a unique and insightful view into as to why the war on drugs has failed. Ethan’s thesis is that we should try to minimize the harm of abusive drug use on society. 

Key takeaways:

1:07 – Ethan explains the work of the Drug Policy Alliance.

3:35 – Ethan gives his opinions on why the war on drugs was started.

7:15 – Do private prisons have too much power on influencing legislation on drugs?

10:28 – Portugal’s model in decriminalizing drugs.

19:09 – Ethan explains how he sees prohibition ending in the next five to ten years.

24:59 – How someone can get their voice heard in ending marijuana prohibition.


28:14 – Ethan’s contact information.

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Learn about the immersive, social game called Grow Show. This game will allow you
to grow plants online with friends, earn virtual funds, and even pass the peace pipe.

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Megan Stone the founder of the The High Road Design Studio tells how most dispensaries are not optimized for an optimal customer experience. Megan shows us how to design a dispensary from the ground up to be attractive, functional and secure.

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David Bernstein, founder and CEO of WeedHire discusses broad cannabis employment trends, where the jobs are and more.

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In this interview with the co-founder of Jazmin Hupp you will discover:

- Jazmin’s background

- What Women Grow does

- How to successfully create women friendly products that sell

- Where Women Grow operates

- How to get involved

- Examples of women that broken into the cannabis industry with no previous experience


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Interview with Alison Ettel is the co-founder of
What you will discover in this interview:

- How Alison learned of cannabis when she awoke from a coma

- Why Alison was disturbed by the lack of healthy cannabis products

- Her uncompromising near obsessive focus on high quality cannabis

- How she conducts extraction from the plant and why all extraction is not the same

- What strains of cannabis are helpful for certain ailments and symptoms

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Find out why investors and cannabis companies are converging on The Marijuana Investor Summit in April in Denver. Avoid the mistakes that most rookie cannabis investors make and understand where the market is heading before the masses.

Use code: cannainsider 


for a discount between 10-20%

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If you are interested in what it takes to be a profitable, cutting-edge, commercial cannabis cultivator you’ll love this interview with expert grower Nick Hice of Denver Relief.

Key Takeaways:

0:55 – Nick gives his background in Horticulture.

2:43 – Nick explains what is meant by a flood table.

6:49 – Size of Denver Relief’s facility.

7:14 – The life of a cultivator.

10:20 – Nick explains an ideal yield per square foot.

12:56 – Are there different growing speeds between the different strains?

14:10 – Nicks explains how to take care of cannabis plants.

17:21 – Advantages on using fabric containers.

21:17 – The ways the canopy and roots communicate to optimize a plant.

23:15 – Nick explains NPK.

23:52 – Nick explains common mistakes cultivators make.

27:29 – The transition between indoor growing facilities and greenhouses.

32:29 – Nick talks about optimal temperatures and humidity ranges.

35:08 – Nick explains how CO2 is administered in a cultivation facility.

36:28 – Nick talks about pests and diseases.

44:29 – Nick talks about trends and technology in cultivation.


49:35 – Contact info for Denver Relief and Denver Relief Consulting.

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In this interview with the CEO of Canna Security Dan Williams, we will learn about the gaping holes most cannabis operations have in their security plan, the top ways employees and criminals steal cannabis and the latest and greatest in cannabis security (Hint: Seal Team 6 is involved)


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Dr. Michele Ross came into public consciousness when she appeared on the reality show Big Brother. As a PhD neuroscientist Michele has an outspoken view on what the conventional medical establishment lacks and the immense promise of cannabis. Michele is also the co-founder of GreenStone Labs.

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Trent Woloveck, COO of American Cannabis Consulting, walks us through their modular cannabis cultivation cube. This efficient use of space ( an extra eighteen lights) allows cultivators to create up to 250K more revenue a year. 

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David Hua, the CEO of Meadow walks us through his cannabis home delivery app called Meadow.

David tells us how his app is different then competitors such as Eaze and NestDrop. Recently Meadow was accepted to the famous accelerator called Y Combinator.


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Foria is an erotic, cannabis infused oil for women and it’s getting a lot of attention. We’ll find out how Foria is helping women feel more vibrant and alive than ever. In this interview with Jon Brandon CEO of Foria we’ll explore how to use the oil, what to expect, and where to find it. 


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The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo is the place where everybody in the cannabis industry meets everybody else. Listen in to hear how to make the most of your conference experience with George Jage,President of Marijuana Business Media. CannaInsider listeners get $50 off the conference with coupon code: cannainsider50 register here:

Matthew Kind hopes to see you there in Chicago in May!

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Dr. Michelle Sexton has an impressive resume both in terms of understanding how cannabis interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid, as well as understanding the problems and shortfalls with modern day cannabis testing. Learn more at

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In this candid interview with Texas state representative David Smith, we discuss his bill (HB 2165).

This bill proposes not only making cannabis legal in Texas, but also to have no restrictions on cannabis at all. 

That means no dispensaries, no state regulators to oversee it, it would simply be treated like another plant like a jalepeño or a tomato. 

David’s Christian beliefs is one of the key reasons he is in favor of legalizing cannabis because “everything god made is good.”

Key quotes:

“Most politicians know  this the right thing to do but are too scared of getting reelected”

“We don’t need the government to be parents”

“freedom, responsibility and limited government”


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In this interview with the co-founder of Mantis Ad Network, Paris Holley, we’ll learn exactly how cannabis-based business can advertise online and increase their sales. Paris gives specific expert suggestions anybody can use to get started. 

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Edibles and vape pens are changing the cannabis market right now. People are shifting away from cannabis products that involve lighters and smoking. As such the demand for cannabis extraction technology is growing month-by-month. Patrick Taylor of Eden Labs walks us through the technology and opportunity.

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In this episode Ean Seeb co-founder of renowned dispensary Denver Relief discusses how he started the dispensary with friends and how he helps new dispensary owners with his business Denver Relief Consulting. Ean is also the Chairman of the National Cannabis Industry Association and he talks about why it is important for cannabis businesses to work together to create the positive change the industry needs to move forward.

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Listen in as Michigan medical marijuana dispensary owner Mark Passerini describes how Michigan is different than other states in terms of legalization, and how two pending laws promise to change the landscape significantly.

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Picture this, you want some high-quality cannabis delivered to your door, you use Eaze to explore strains on your phone and 10 minutes later there is a knock at your door with your cannabis. Yes I did say 10 minutes later, that' super fast!, well that’s Eaze and it’s coming to you. This interview with Keith McCarty CEO of Eaze will detail the promise and obstacles facing rapid home delivery of cannabis.

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Interview with CEO of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus. We explore consuming hemp for health, ayahuasca, DMT, flotation tanks, gut health and more. This interview will open your mind, don’t miss it.

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In this interview with Bruce Schulte from the coalition for responsible cannabis legislation in Alaska we get an update on where Alaska is on formalizing adult use cannabis. Discover the key dates and how legalization will unfold. Listen now.

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In this interview with Shango Los, Founder of Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance, we explore how an island near Seattle that has been zoned for cannabis cultivation is working hard to be the Napa Valley of cannabis. Download this enlightening interview now.

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Nolan Kane PHD is mapping the cannabis genome at The University of Colorado (Boulder) and Kevin Frender is a Managing Partner at BlackDogLed. They help us digest and understand the promise and opportunity of genetic study as it pertains to cannabis.

Key Takeaways:

1:35 – Nolan describes his research.

2:52 – Kevin discusses the promise of genetic study in cannabis

3:36 – Nolan explains what determines the genetic profile of a plant.

4:43 – What is synthase?

5:38 – Kevin talks about Epigenetics.

6:29 – Nolan explains how his research helps cultivators.

11:08 – Broader look at Epigenetics.

13:59 – Nolan explains hybrid vigor in the context of genetics.

16:41 – Kevin explains what hybrid vigor looks like.

17:30 – Nolan explains what questions are being asked by businesses about his research.

18:52 – Kevin explains the benefits of LED lighting.

20:33 – Nolan gives information on how to donate to his research.


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Veronica Carpio is on the cutting edge of cultivating hemp in North America. She tells how we can think about the hemp opportunity, the ins and outs of growing hemp and about her tasty hemp coffee, called Colorado Hemp Coffee.

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Outspoken hemp advocate and author Doug Fine talks about how hemp is transforming industries in remarkable and sustainable ways. Doug’s charisma and energy shines through as he inspires us to reconnect with nature.

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OBEE Credit Union of Olympia Washington currently has twenty cannabis related businesses and more in queue. James talks about why they decided to help their members that own cannabis businesses. James also reveals a very clever way that dispensaries can avoid using so much cash.

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Privateer Holdings is a private equity company focused exclusively on the cannabis space.

Privateer’s portfolio of companies include: Leafly, Tilray and now Marley Natural. Marley Natural promises to be the first global brand of cannabis.

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Ron Kammerzell is the Deputy Senior Director of Enforcement at Colorado Department of Revenue, he is often referred to as the Colorado Cannabis Czar. 

What you’ll discover in this interview:

- How edibles regulations are changing

- Lessons learned by Colorado regulators

- A look at banking for cannabis businesses

- Excise taxes on cannabis going forward


1:26 – What does being Senior Director of Enforcement Entail?

3:40 – Cannabis businesses adapting well to regulations.

5:12 – What is the Cole Memorandum?

6:32 – Some problems with edibles and how to solve them.

10:25 – Misinformation about regulations and how they should be interpreted. 

12:43 – Production limits overview.

18:47 – Future of taxation on medical and recreational marijuana.

20:05 – How tax rates are calculated.

24:17 – Ron talks about questions they receive from other states looking to legalize.

25:33 – What could cannabis businesses do better in 2015?

27:05 – Contact information for the Department of Revenue.

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Learn the latest in cannabis vaporizer technology from co-founder of O.penvape Ralph Morgan. Learn why Ralph thinks you are wasting 80% of your cannabis smoking a joint versus vaping.

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In this interview Maureen McNamara of helps us understand how cannabis business owners can make a connection with their customers so customers stay loyal. Maureen also shares some best practices on creating edibles in the kitchen.

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Douglas Leighton of Dutchess Capital details why most people don’t understand how the cannabis market is different. Most new businesses have to convince prospective customers to try their product or service. This is not the case with cannabis. There are millions of people that use cannabis illegally right now they just need to be brought over to the new, legal market.


Also learn about Doug’s savvy investment style that includes investments in: MassRoots and Dixie Elixirs

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Listen in as Genifer Murray, founder and president of CannLabs describes the different ways CannLabs tests cannabis, not just for potency but for harmful substances like mold and heavy metals.


She also tells us the highest THC level she has ever seen in a cannabis flower. Don't miss this episode.

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The New York Times calls Jake Browne “The First Pot Critic.” 

Jake is the critic for The Denver Post’s "The Cannabist” Column

Key Takeaways

- Jake reveals his favorite strains for people who are trying cannabis for the first time

- How Jake evaluates buds

- The best cannabis for sleeping

- Jake’s favorite strain

- Jake’s favorite vaporizers


- A special discount on a subscription

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Emily and Morgan Paxhia have jumped on to the scene of cannabis investing with a fury. They are emerging as thought leaders in the industry and focused exclusively on cannabis investments. Learn why they are so bullish on this industry and what they are investing in now.

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Steve DeAngelo is perhaps the most recognized person in the cannabis industry. You will undoubtedly recognize his ever-present pig tails and distinctive hat as well as his two businesses Harborside Health Center and The ArcView Group of Oakland California.

What you will discover in this interview:

Steve’s background in activism

How he co-founded Harborside Health Center, The ArcView Group, and Steep Hill Lab

How the legalization of cannabis is unfolding in other countries 

Why Steve rejects just the two categories of medicinal or adult use for cannabis

How cannabis helps people with their patience, sensuality and creativeness


Steve reveals his favorite strain of cannabis as well as how many miligrams of THC he puts in his homemade edibles, HINT it’s the most I have EVER heard of.

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Listen in as Julianna Carella and Lauren Fraser of Auntie Dolores discuss how to create edibles that people really want. Auntie Dolores creates THC-infused edibles that include cakes, brownie bites, pretzels and their famous pretzels. Learn more at

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Renowned cannabis investor and advisor Leslie Bocskor gives us his prescient insights into where the cannabis industry is heading in 2015 and exciting technologies that are emerging. Leslie goes into detail as to why he believes Las Vegas will become the Silicon Valley of Cannabis very soon. 

Leslie Bocskor is a Managing Partner at Electrum Partners

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Understanding the changing landscape of concentrates with James Slatic, CEO of Med-West.  James talks about why not all vape pens are the same and how discreet infused products like their gums, sprays and sublingual tablets are changing the game. Learn more at

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Alan Brochstein, an expert on cannabis stocks and Jay Czarkowski a dispensary owner turned consultant highlight all the pivotal events that took place in 2014 for the cannabis industry.


Topics covered:

- The states that legalized in November

- The wild roller coaster year for cannabis stocks

- The provisions in the omnibus spending bill that prevent the DOJ and DEA from going after cannabis businesses that are following state laws

- How tribal lands are opening up to cannabis

- Nevada, the next state to have a huge impact on the cannabis industry

- The next big brand in cannabis

- Clinical Trials for cannabis as a medication

- Colorado: what worked, what didn’t from a regulatory and business point of view

- Hemp, its time has come, get ready

- Marijuana Business Daily Conference in Las Vegas

- How public opinion is changing even in conservative states


- What 2015 and 2016 look like for the cannabis industry

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After perfecting alcohol home delivery with a very convenient and easy to use app, Nestdrop turned their focus to cannabis home delivery. In this interview with Michael Pycher, Co-founder of Nestrdop we’ll learn how you can enjoy home delivery of alcohol and cannabis. 

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Tripp Keber and his business Dixie Elixirs have been highlighted on 60 Minutes and more recently The Pot Barons of Colorado. Tripp is perhaps the most successful and visible entrepreneur in the cannabis space. In this interview you will learn about:

Tripp’s background
How Dixie Elixirs was started and how it got its name
About the innovative delivery methods Dixie is developing for Cannabis
Why Tripp believes we are in the midst of an exciting social change
Why infused cannabis products are the future of cannabis


Learn more at:

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In the strong tradition of technology accelerators like TechStars and Y Cominbator, Patrick Rea has created CanopyBoulder. Unlike the other accelerators, CanopyBoulder is focused exclusively on cannabis startups. Listen to the interview and learn what an accelerator is, how it helps entrepreneurs not only with capital, but also with mentors, office space and more.  Learn more at:

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Dooma Wendschuh, Co-founder of Ebbu has ambitious plans for the cannabis industry. He wants to help you dial in the sensation or mood you want to experience and then guarantee you get that exact sensation over and over again. Ebbu does this with a proprietary distillation process. Ebbu will be launching with five signature “feelings” that include: chill, bills, giggle, create, and energy.


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In this interview filmmaker DJ Parmar tells CannaInsider about his new documentary CannaBizNess that will explore the topics of: cannabis entrepreneurs, cannabis investors, and the growing cannabis market.

Learn more at:

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Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy talks about what it is like on the front lines in Washington D.C. fighting to ensure the continued progress of the legalization movement.

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Sean Campbell, CEO of Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG) describes how to meet all the regulatory hurdles and satisfy the legal requirements to open a bank account for your cannabis business.

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MadFarma creates the cleanest cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are typically much higher in THC and CBD concentration and offer a lot of benefits over other kinds of cannabis consumption. 

Learn how to spot a bad concentrate so you can avoid them. Fascinating interview and provides a great glimpse into why consumers are migrating to concentrates and edibles.

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Jane West is the co-founder of Women Grow, an organization with chapters around the country that is designed to allow the women leaders of the cannabis industry to connect with one another, but also help women trying to get into the industry.  Learn more at:


Jane is also the co-founder of Edible Events. Edible Events is Colorado's premiere cannabis event production company. Imagine having a swanky party for your next event where the delicious food is designed to enhance your cannabis experience. Learn more at:

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Garett Fortune, CEO of Funksac, walks us through where packaging is in the cannabis industry. He delves into how Funksac not only protects your cannabis but also how it can be used to effectively build a cannabis brand that customers love. Visit

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What is it like to come up with an idea for an app with a couple of friends only to watch the app grow from zero users to 215,00 users in a year?


We explore this question with the CEO of MassRoots, Isaac Dietrich. Isaac was a finalist in Peter Thiel’s 20 under 20 fellowship program. Isaac shares the difficult but rewarding journey it has been to get MassRoots to this point, and how he feels MassRoots is now poised for greatness.

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Bruce Linton’s Tweed is a publicly traded cannabis company with over a 100 million dollar market cap. Listen in as Bruce compares the good and bad between Canada and the U.S. Learn more at

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Brian Vincente is an attorney and founding partner of the firm Vicente Sederberg in Denver, Colorado.

Brian works in the dead center of the cannabis industry and its fast moving and constantly changing cannabis laws and regulations.

Brian not only advises clients how to profitably work with the existing framework of cannabis laws, but is working to help shape the laws that will effect the cannabis industry for years to come. 

In 2010 Brian was elected the first-ever chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Learn more at:

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Leafly is an application that allows you to learn and explore the universe of available cannabis strains to optimize your medicinal or recreational experience. Once you have dialed in on the strain of cannabis you want Leafly helps you find the best local dispensary to fit your needs based on reviews from residents of your community. The Leafly App is very easy and fun to use to explore strains near you. Learn more at

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Cannabase offers an online wholesale marijuana marketplace that connects commercial growers with retailers and dispensaries. Cannabase promises to do the heavy lifting for retailers and growers to help them facilitate their ability to both buy and sell cannabis with the right partners. Listen to this interview with Jennifer Beck, co-founder and CEO of Cannabase in Denver Colorado.


Prior to October 1 2014 dispensaries were required to grow 70% of their own cannabis. This requirement was called, vertical integration. With the end of vertical integration both dispensaries and cultivators are freed from the burden of selling only what they grow. This presents tremendous opportunities for both growers and retailers. aims to help these two parties connect.

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Interview with Daniel Yazbeck CEO of CDx, Inc.

MyDx is a handheld device straight out of a Star Trek episode. Simply place a small amount of cannabis into it’s sensor and watch as your smart phone is illuminated with information about the plant.  MyDx will provide information on: toxicity, cannabinoid profile, THC concentration and more.

Beyond reporting on various attributes of the plant, MyDx will also help you optimize what specifically you like about a plant so you can refine and optimize your medicinal or recreational experience.

If you are an accredited investor Daniel also shares how you can learn more about investing in his company CDx, Inc. Learn more at 

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Many cannabis business owners focus only on the bottom line, serving their customers and generating revenue. But just as important as making money is mitigating risk. Mark Slaugh, CEO of gives us a brief on staying in compliance with regulators.

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Alaska, Oregon, California, Washington D.C. Florida and Guam all had various forms of cannabis legalization on the ballot. Listen in as Diane Czarkowski of Canna Advisors gives us expert insight into what happened with the votes, including one shocker that surprised us both.

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What is like to leave a successful career on Wall Street and become both a
dispensary owner and the CEO of one of the most innovative companies
supporting cannabis cultivators, we are going to find out the answer to that
question in our interview with Derek Peterson CEO of Terra Tech.

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What you will learn in this interview:

  • How to present your cannabis deal so it is attractive to investors
  • How to become an investor in Troy’s network, The ArcView Group
  • How some investors are making 16+% loaning money to cannabis businesses
  • Where the cannabis industry will be in five years

and more

Whether you are an investor looking to allocate funds to promising cannabis startups or you are a cannabis focused entrepreneur, this interview is for you. 


Troy Dayton, CEO of The ArcView Group paints a picture of where the cannabis investment market is right now. Troy says that most companies in the cannabis space will fail, but Troy gives some insights and tips on which investments he thinks are the most promising. Learn more at

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Becky DeKeuster, M.Ed is co-founder and Director of Community & Education at Wellness Connection of Maine(, the largest state-licensed medical cannabis dispensary in New England. 

Becky has over a decade of experience in all aspects of the medical cannabis industry on both the West and East Coasts, with extensive focus on crafting successful policy and regulation at the local and state levels. 

A former director of Berkeley Patients Group in California, Becky co-chaired the Measure JJ campaign which codified city dispensary regulations and created the nation’s first Medical Cannabis Commission in Berkeley. 


She advised the Maine Governor’s Task Force as they drafted dispensary regulations in 2010. Becky has deep experience in operational best practices in both vertically-integrated and distributed cannabusiness models. A former high school teacher and administrator, she is an author and public speaker who uses her extensive knowledge of the industry to educate community leaders, health care professionals, legislators and others about medical cannabis.

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Tom Bollich was the co-founder of Zynga which created some of the most famous Facebook games to date, including Farmville which had ten million daily users at its peak. After leaving Zynga, Tom saw the opportunity in Cannnabis and founded Surna in Boulder Colorado. Surna is solving the big technical and engineering problems in Cannabis Cultivation. Surna’s chillers and air handlers are arguably the most efficient at removing heat from grow rooms, they do this by removing heat via water instead of air. Listen in as Tom describes how he is bringing Silicon Valley’s best technology to the cannabis industry.

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Interview with The Cannabis King, Arjan Roskam.  Arjan is best known as a strain hunter and his famous strains have won over 30 Cannabis Cups. When he is not in Amsterdam he spends most of his time traveling the world looking for the best strains of Cannabis to be brought back to his lab with the goal of making the best strains of tomorrow. His most famous strains are: White Widow, Super Silver Haze, Hawaiian Snow, Super Lemon Haze, Flowerbomb Kush and others.  

Arjan has been joined by actor Woody Harelson and Sir Richard Branson in his efforts to legalize cannabis worldwide.

Arjan is the owner of the Amsterdam based coffee house, Green House Coffeeshops as well as Green House Seed Company and Strain Hunters.

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LEDs (light emitting diodes) are now ready for prime time. The technology is mature and has incredible benefits. Listen in as experts Kevin Frender and Noah Miller of BlackDogLed.Com compare and contrast the benefits of LEDs versus traditional lighting. We provide details for both the business owner and growers. Learn more at

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Don’t miss this candid conversation with Adam Scorgie creator of two gripping documentaries about the cannabis industry, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High and his most recent work, “The Culture High.” Adam has unique and entertaining way of breaking down both the dysfunction of marijuana prohibition and the opportunity that lies ahead. The Culture High interviews some of the most outspoken cannabis advocates including: Sir Richard Branson, Joe Rogan, Dr. Lester Grinspoon and more. Visit

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 Interview with Amy Poinsett (CEO) and Jessica Billingsley (COO) of MJ Freeway. MJ Freeway provides hosted software solutions for Cannabis cultivators, dispensary owners, and marijuana infused products companies. 

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Diane Czarkowski from ThinkCanna.Com gives us a state-by-state update on where we are in the legalization process. Diane reviews how key elections in November may allow medical and adult use in several states. Diane also reviews the common mistakes applicants make when applying for a license.

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Alan Brochstein founder of 420 Investor tells you how to understand the universe of cannabis stocks. Alan shows us how to navigate away from 90% of marijuana stocks you don't want. He also highlights his favorites stocks and how to get started investing.

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Dr. Lester Grinspoon is Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He has been featured in several marijuana documentaries including: The Union and The Culture High. Dr. Grinspoon talks about his personal friendship with Carl Sagan and how his son used cannabis to overcome nausea from Chemotherapy. Dr. Grinspoon believes we are brainwashed by the government to the think marijuana is harmful.

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Interview with Greg Wilson, Chairman and CEO of Greg talks about: R&D, their new 315,000 Sq Ft growing facility, and more. 



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Interview with David Wright, President and CEO of, Altmed has invested over two million dollars on its mission to earn one of Florida’s five medical marijuana licenses. Altmed uses the tag-line “the science of medical cannabis.”

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Peek inside the mind of a Canadian Marijuana, Cannabis grower, Trevor McDonald of Trichome Health Care in Vancouver. He shares growing tips, where cultivation is going, and more.

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Interview with JJ Walker and Danny Schaefer of My420Tours in Denver Colorado. 420Tours is the first recreational marijuana, cannabis tourism company in North America. They offer marijuana cooking classes, dispensary tours, lab tours, and even connect guests with cannabis friendly hotels in Denver. Learn more at and use the coupon code: cannainsider

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