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There’s been a lot of buzz around grocery dark stores and ghost kitchens, but not a lot of people are talking about the growing number of cannabis dark stores. Here to tell us more is Jeff Sampson, founder and CEO of Everscore.

Everscore’s marketplace: 

Everscore for brands:

Key Takeaways:

[1:02] An inside look at Everscore, the first direct-to-consumer marketplace for THC and CBD products

[2:25] Jeff’s background and how he came to start Everscore

[4:33] How the current dispensary model works against new brands trying to enter the market

[7:45] The rise in cannabis dark stores and where Jeff sees this trend heading over the next few years

[11:56] How dark stores will even the playing field for small brands and help diversify the industry

[18:47] Everscore’s extensive analytics and ad network of 40,000+ lifestyle publishers

[25:97] How Everscore offers ultra-tailored fulfillment with its large network of brands, growers, and manufacturers

[32:50] Jeff’s plans to expand Everscore throughout the US to provide brands the biggest footprint possible

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Is cannabis the largest investment trend of this generation? Here to tell us why we’re about to see a wave of capital move into the industry is Todd Harrison of CB1 Capital.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:50] An inside look at CB1 Capital, a New York-based investment manager and advisor that specializes in the supply chain of cannabinoid-based wellness solutions, products, and therapies

[1:13] Todd’s background and how he came to start CB1 Capital

[3:46] How cannabis investing has progressed over the last few years and where Todd sees it heading

[6:30] What Todd is most excited about as an investor in the cannabis industry right now

[7:51] Characteristics that make for a successful MSO or multi-state operator

[10:02] Todd’s thoughts on the federal legislation timeline

[14:05] Why cannabis is the investment opportunity of this generation

[15:53] How the US compares to Canada in terms of cannabis investing opportunities

[17:41] Todd’s advice to investors looking to get into cannabis

[20:27] Who makes up CB1 Capital’s advisory board, from Governor Gary Johnson to Lorne Gertner

[22:03] Why Todd feels we’re about to enter the next stage of cannabis growth and signs to look out for

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Banking is one of the toughest problems for the US cannabis industry, but one company is about to change all that. Here to tell us more is Cooraez Keshvani, CEO of ReThink.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:41] An inside look at ReThink, the leading blockchain financial platform for cannabis and other high-risk industries

[2:26] Cooraez's background in biomedical engineering and how he came to start ReThink

[4:41] The biggest obstacles in cannabis banking right now

[8:54] How ReThink's KYC, anti-money laundering, and built-in compliance make it safer than other blockchains

[14:31] ReThink's payment options for apps, online, and in-person

[16:47] How cannabis retailers can easily integrate ReThink into their point-of-sale software and delivery apps

[18:48] Where Cooraez sees lending in cannabis heading over the next few years

[20:04] How ReThink's fees compare to other cannabis payment processors 

[25:09] ReThink's efforts to create a standard global currency country by country

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Can cannabis culture and big business co-exist? Here to help us answer that is Andrew DeAngelo, co-founder of Harborside and Last Prisoner Project.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:32] A look back at Andrew's 38 years in cannabis and where he sees the industry heading

[7:45] Why corporate cannabis and legacy cannabis need each other and what it will take to build a productive relationship

[23:47] Issues with bad public policy and "NIMBYism" at the local level in cannabis-legal states

[30:04] Andrew's work with Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit leading the charge in cannabis criminal justice reform

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Despite a global pandemic, cannabis is one of the few industries that has grown throughout 2020 and 2021 — and that’s nothing compared to the gangbuster growth expected through 2025.

Here to tell us more is Chris Walsh, President and CEO of Marijuana Business Daily.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:05] An inside look at Marijuana Business Daily, the most trusted business news outlet for professionals in the cannabis industry

[1:41] Chris’ background in business journalism and how he came to be CEO of Marijuana Business Daily

[4:04] How cannabis regulations have changed over the last five years and what that could mean for the industry going forward

[7:36] Surprising reasons cannabis managed to survive and adapt during Covid-19

[10:51] Why cannabis retail sales could double to put the industry at a 38 to 45 billion valuation by 2025

[13:23] Aspects of the market Chris believes investors and business owners might be underestimating

[17:14] Surprising new trends that are quietly taking hold in cannabis right now

[23:43] How more legalization for recreational cannabis could diminish the medical cannabis market

[30:24] The last states standing between the US and full cannabis acceptance

[34:59] How job growth in cannabis doubled from 2019 to 2021 despite Covid-19’s economic recession and spiking unemployment rates

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