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As the push for recreational cannabis picks up steam in southern states, one company is working hard to make sure brands are primed and ready to get out on top. Here to tell us more is Brittany Phillips of Shake Collaboration.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:24] An inside look at Shake Brands, a southern-based cannabis branding and product development company

[3:07] Brittany's background in design and what led her to enter the cannabis space

[8:40] How Shake Brands is different from other full-service groups

[13:56] The biggest pain points for cannabis startups right now and how to navigate them

[17:39] How to develop a strong visual identity despite restrictions on language and advertising

[19:27] How federal legalization will impact cannabis branding

[20:53] Shake Brands' new Arkansas-based CBD and wellness company, CBD & Me

[26:56] Trending cannabis products in AR and other southern states right now

[28:32] AR's recreational cannabis legalization timeline

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A long-debated bill establishing new hemp rules just gained final approval in California, ​​but what does this mean for the market and how should we prepare? Here to help us answer that is Jeffrey Welsh, Partner at Vicente Sederberg & co-founder of Composite Agency. 

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Key Takeaways:

[1:37] An inside look at Vicente Sederberg, one of the largest cannabis law firms in the US

[4:56] Jeffrey's decorated background in entertainment and how he came to join Vicente Sederberg

[12:04] Emerging growth opportunities in entertainment and cannabis

[16:46] How celebrity brands could help destigmatize cannabis and draw in more consumers

[21:57] The Trailer Bill and what this means for California's cannabis industry

[25:41] Assembly Bill 45 and the end of prohibition on smokable hemp in California

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As new studies shed light on the benefits of these powerful plant compounds, terpenes could become the biggest thing in wellness since CBD. Here to tell us more is Kevin Koby, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Abstrax Tech.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:03] Kevin's background in chemistry and how he came to start Abstrax

[1:55] An inside look at Abstrax Tech, the leading innovator in terpene sensorial experience

[2:44] A breakdown of terpenes and how this segment has evolved over the last couple of years

[4:44] How terpenes enhance the flavor and effects of cannabis through the entourage effect

[6:51] Abstrax's Type 7 licensed lab testing versus standard cannabis testing

[10:50] Exciting takeaways from Abstrax's "Man vs. Machine" experiment with Max Montrose

[14:02] How Abstrax's terpene research is taking cannabis to new heights

[17:07] Abstrax's terpene infusion products and the biggest trends Kevin sees among wholesale clients

[20:32] Where Kevin sees the terpene market heading over the next 3-5 years 

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With the demand for cannabis testing services on the rise, one company has found a way to provide top-tier equipment at a quarter of the price. Here to tell us more is Yvette Pagano of GenTech Scientific, a supplier of quality refurbished laboratory equipment for the cannabis industry. 

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Key Takeaways:

[1:14] An inside look at GenTech Scientific

[1:52] Yvette's background in manufacturing and how she came to enter the cannabis space

[7:18] GenTech's biggest customers in cannabis and the company's wide selection of lab instruments

[10:26] Where GenTech sources its equipment

[12:48] How GenTech is able to save clients up to 70% on top tier lab equipment

[17:50] The first steps to starting a cannabis lab 

[20:48] GenTech's training and education programs for cannabis labs

[25:20] Where Yvette sees the cannabis testing market heading over the next few years

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