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While cannabis banking still has its challenges, Safe Harbor Financial is on course to make those challenges a thing of the past. Here to tell us about it is Safe Harbor CEO Sundie Seefried.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:57] An inside look at Safe Harbor Financial, a fintech banking platform that provides cannabis companies a safe and 100% compliant place to bank

[1:22] Sundie’s background in the credit union industry and how she came to start Safe Harbor

[2:21] How cannabis banking has evolved over the last few years and where Sundie sees it heading

[4:46] The Safe Banking Act and what it means for cannabis banking

[7:36] Compliance challenges cannabis companies are facing right now

[9:08] What lending in cannabis banking could look like in the next few years

[14:06] How Safe Harbor Financial has grown since its inception in 2015 to manage over 500 cannabis banking accounts

[14:54] Safe Harbor’s onboarding process for new clients

[19:14] How cryptocurrency and stablecoin are changing the cannabis banking landscape

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