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At a time when most cannabis cultivators are competing on price, this company is commanding a premium on their sought-after flower. Here to tell us about it is Sam Ghods of Connected Cannabis.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:00] An inside look at Connected Cannabis, the largest branded flower company in California

[1:27] Sam’s background in tech and how he got into the cannabis space

[5:01] How Connected Cannabis commands a premium on their flower in a competitive market

[11:26] Differences between the cannabis market in California vs Arizona

[12:07] Connected Cannabis’ unique cultivation team

[15:37] Why most retailers don’t cultivate their own cannabis

[19:29] How California’s notorious black market is changing thanks to developments in the legal market

[21:37] The grow technology Sam finds most useful

[23:53] Where Sam sees cannabis cultivation heading in the next 3-5 years

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What will the cannabis industry look like after COVID-19? CannaInsider host Matthew Kind forecasts the 7 disruptive changes that will take place in the years to come.

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Key Takeaways:

  • How COVID-19 will impact cannabis in the next few years, including:
  • Automated grow rooms
  • Pathogen detection policies
  • Contactless delivery and payment
  • Pre-purchase of discounts cards and gift cards
  • Results-only business partners
  • Commercial drones for cultivation
  • VR education

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Commercial cannabis growers are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to their growing methods, but not Ryan Douglas.

Today this master grower shares all the secrets you need to take your grow to the next level (including what not to do).

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Key Takeaways:

[00:54] An inside look at Ryan’s new book, From Seed To Success

[1:35] Ryan’s background as CanopyGrowth’s expert cultivator when the company was still named Tweed

[3:01] How Ryan helped CanopyGrowth get its start as one of Canada’s first and largest licensed growers

[6:05] How Ryan went about choosing the best genetics to grow at CanopyGrowth

[7:42] The efficiencies required for a large commercial grow

[11:37] The most common mistakes commercial growers make and how to avoid them

[14:33] Ryan’s advice on how to approach a commercial grow and determine what needs to be done on a high level

[17:22] How to determine a reasonable budget for your commercial grow

[19:02] Best hiring practices for commercial grows and what to look for in staff members

[20:34] How to mitigate pest issues

[26:34] The best type of lights for indoor grows

[27:57] Where Ryan sees commercial cannabis grows heading over the next 3-5 years

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The end of federal prohibition of cannabis is on the horizon as we enter a new, more mature phase of growth for retailers and growers.

Here to tell us more is Matt Hawkins of Harborside and Entourage Effect Capital.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:20] An inside look at Matt’s work as Chairman of Harborside and Managing Partner of Entourage Effect Capital

[3:56] How Matt’s background in private equity has helped him make Harborside a success

[8:14] The potential for reverse takeovers in cannabis over the next few years

[11:41] Why Matt urges cannabis companies to “be more humble and get deals done”

[14:16] What would happen to the cannabis market if we eliminated 280E, a regulation that prevents cannabis companies from deducting normal business expenses

[17:15] What the new administration in DC could mean for cannabis

[18:32] Vertical integration versus specialization and which will gain more popularity as the cannabis landscape continues to shift

[23:55] Why Matt predicts the first national cannabis brand will either be in the edible or liquid categories

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