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How do you find real estate for cannabis businesses? Here to answer that question is Ryan George of 420 Property, the Zillow of cannabis.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:43] An inside look at 420 Property, the world’s largest hemp and cannabis real estate marketplace

[2:06] Ryan’s background in cannabis and how he came to start 420 Property

[8:51] “Green zones” and where to find them

[10:06] Why both businesses and investors are choosing Ryan’s platform as the place to buy and sell cannabis and marijuana businesses

[11:36] The most active locations on 420 Property, including cities in California and Oklahoma

[15:15] Key considerations when selling a cannabis property and how to get your listing noticed

[18:20] Practical advice for buyers on what to look out for when searching for a cannabis property

[20:50] Where Ryan sees the cannabis retail space heading in the next few years


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Retail design and brand identity are pivotal to creating a successful cannabis dispensary.

Here to give us some pointers is one of the industry’s top experts: Megan Stone of High Road Design Studio.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:46] An inside look at High Road Studio, an award-winning interior design, branding, and consulting studio for cannabis dispensaries

[1:20] Megan’s background in cannabis and how she came to start High Road

[4:08] How cannabis retail design has changed over the last five years

[8:02] The two big things you have to get right when creating a retail design

[8:51] The biggest mistakes Megan sees companies make in cannabis retail design

[12:26] The importance of leaving room for experimentation in retail design and how to do that in a safe way

[16:22] Challenges Megan encounters when moving from the design phase to the build-out phase and how she overcomes them

[20:58] What kind of budget you need to achieve a thriving retail environment and how to spend money for the biggest ROI

[31:40] Examples of brands that successfully resonate with their customers and what we can learn from them

[34:05] Where Megan sees cannabis retail heading over the next 3-5 years

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Cannabis and hemp beverages are exploding, and it’s all thanks to new breakthroughs in infusion technology. Here to tell us about it is Harold Han of Vertosa.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:45] An inside look at Vertosa, the infusion technology startup behind Pabst’s new THC seltzers

[1:15] Harold’s background and how he came to start Vertosa

[4:31] How Vertosa creates water-soluble cannabinoids through advanced nanoemulsion

[9:05] Important factors Vertosa considers when creating infusions including bioavailability, clarity, and taste

[11:08] Vertosa’s partnership with Pabst to create low-dose THC seltzers 

[19:39] How Vertosa provides guidance to companies interested in entering the infused beverage market

[23:11] Can liners and their importance to the quality of cannabis drinks

[26:07] Vertosa’s different emulsion formulas and how they work with brands to create various products

[34:19] Where Harold sees the infused cannabis product space heading in the next 3-5 years

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We just reached possibly one of the largest milestones in creating pure, consistent cannabinoids in a lab. Here to tell us about it is Kevin Chen of Hyasynth Bio.

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Key Takeaways: 

[1:32] An inside look at Hyasynth Bio and its work creating biosynthesized cannabis compounds

[3:05] Hyasynth Bio’s first product, an ultra-pure CBD oil created using cultured cannabinoids

[7:44] How Hyasynth Bio is improving CBD production in terms of both speed and purity

[9:12] Why multinational companies are gravitating towards biosynthesized cannabinoids for better consistency and supply chain performance


[16:55] How biosynthesized cannabinoids are paving the way for international cannabis brands and which products Kevin believes will go global first

[21:23] How cellular agriculture is giving us better access to rare cannabinoids

[27:48] Why cellular agriculture is easier to automate and how this might influence prices in the cannabis industry

[32:21] Hyasynth Bio’s strategy to profit primarily through intellectual property licensing

[36:24] Where Hyasynth Bio currently is in the capital-raising process

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