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If you hand most people a cannabis drink, their first question is probably, “How high will this make me?” 

This one unknown might just be what’s holding cannabis beverages back. Until now.

Listen in as Luke Anderson of Cann discusses the state of cannabis drinks and where he sees the category heading.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Luke’s background in cannabis and how he came to start Cann
  • An inside look at Cann and its mission to become the standard for cannabis-infused tonics
  • Why Cann produces only low-THC tonics to target consumers that don’t wish to experience a high
  • The type of effect consumers can expect from Cann’s social tonics
  • Why Luke believes it’s important to take out the guesswork in cannabis beverages 
  • Cann’s social tonics versus beer and wine in terms of time and effect
  • How Cann decided on its unique THC/CBD concentration profile
  • How Luke and his team overcame challenges with emulsion and dispersion to ensure consistency in every sip
  • Where Luke sees cannabis micro-dosing heading in the next few years

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While thousands of new cannabis products hit the market each year, most fail to create product-market fit due to a lack of differentiation or clear-cut benefits. 

Today’s guest is CEO of Dosist Gunner Winston, who has simplified cannabis consumption with targeted formulas and precise dosing to create a product that is catapulting cannabis into the wellness arena.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Gunner’s background in cannabis and how he came to start Dosist
  • An inside look at Dosist and its mission to simplify cannabis consumption with innovative delivery devices
  • How taking the guesswork out of cannabis is attracting more people to the category
  • Variables that are important to luxury brand consumers
  • Customer reactions to Dosist’s new dose pen and dose dial
  • The thought process behind Dosist’s high-end yet minimalist retail environment
  • Why Gunner believes brick and mortar stores remain valuable in the age of online shopping 
  • Where Dosist is in the capital-raising process
  • How Gunner is planning to evolve Dosist in the coming years as consumer preferences change

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An area of the cannabis marketplace gaining steam in a big way is women’s health. Here to tell us more about it is Cyo Nystrom of Quim, CBD-infused products for vaginal health and sexual wellness.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:43] An inside look at Quim, a line of CBD-infused lubricants and everyday proactive vaginal health products

[00:58] Cyo’s background and how she came to start Quim

[10:44] The benefits of cannabis for female vaginal health and sexual wellness

[13:05] How Quim's cannabis-infused lube increases vasodilation for heightened sensation and pleasure

[15:31] What customers are saying about Quim’s serums and oils

[18:47] How Cyo and her co-founder Rachel Washtien successfully bootstrapped Quim and landed a feature on Viceland

[25:17] Cyo’s plans to expand Quim both across the US and internationally

[30:40] Where Cyo sees the cannabis women’s health space heading over the next 3-5 years

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A critical component of any cannabis cultivator’s business is establishing best practices around breeding plants. Here to tell us how to create thriving genetic nurseries is Matt Gaboury of House of Cultivar.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:04] An inside look at House of Cultivar, the largest cultivator in Seattle, WA

[2:03] Why Matt has shifted his focus from designing grow facilities to plant breeding

[4:51] Types of clients House of Cultivar works with, including I-502 licensed growers and processors

[7:24] A breakdown of propagation through cloning, mother plants, and tissue culture

[16:14] How House of Cultivar validates genetics to ensure they’re the best expression of the plant possible

[19:31] What it means to “reinvigorate” a plant

[24:11] The behind-the-scenes on how House of Cultivar delivers their clones to customers

[29:18] Where Matt sees the cannabis industry heading as it undergoes more specialization across the supply chain 

[33:17] How large-scale nurseries will revolutionize cannabis from home growers to commercial cultivators

[34:16] How grow room technology has evolved and where Matt sees it advancing in the next few years

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