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While hemp-derived products are already big business, they’re set to skyrocket as hemp begins to take market share from traditional wellness and household brands. 

Here to tell us about it is Michael Cammarata of Neptune Wellness Solutions, one of Canada’s leading cannabinoid extraction companies.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Michael’s background in hemp and how he came to be the CEO of Neptune Wellness
  • An inside look at Neptune and how it’s evolved from biotech to health and wellness since founded in 1998
  • Why hemp is becoming so popular as an ingredient in consumer packaged goods
  • The most popular hemp-derived products in the wellness industry right now
  • Neptune’s partnership with Jane Goodall and their upcoming line of hemp-derived hand sanitizers and essential oils
  • How Neptune is innovating new technology that will make hemp goods more cost-effective for customers
  • How COVID-19 is affecting the hemp wellness and household industries
  • Where Michael sees the hemp industry heading over the next few years as it continues to make its way into the wellness arena

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