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Cannabis businesses need to understand what is selling in dispensaries so they can make informed decisions.

Cy Scott, co-founder, and CEO of delves into how to get this data and use it to make actionable business decisions now. 

We also cover some cannabis items that are hot sellers right now.
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The Hard Thing About Hard Things

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Charles Jones has created vape pens that are selling like crazy in 7 states. Why are dispensaries ordering his vape pens in greater and greater quantities?

Charles has stumbled upon the holy grail that cannabis enthusiasts have been searching for. His vape pens allow you to experience desired moods consistently.  The moods you can experience are; party, focus, bliss, focus, relax, and flow. The name of this larger cannabis segment is called "functional cannabis."

Enjoy this fascinating interview to understand where the cannabis market is moving.

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Dennis O’Malley is CEO of Caliva Dispensary in San Jose California. Listen in as Dennis shares how difficult but rewarding it is to run a thriving vertically integrated cannabis company.

Key Takeaways:

- The price of wholesale cannabis in California vs Oregon

- How to successfully navigate regulatory changes

- Creating in-house technology

- Why delivery app Eaze is a dominating force in California Cannabis

- Building a brand

- Staying competitive

- What the future holds for cannabis operators in California

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Andy Joseph is CEO of Apeks Supercritical. Andy and his team make advanced extraction machines. Listen in as he talks about how the industry is evolving and how businesses appetite for specific methods is evolving.

Key Takeaways:

- Andy’s background on Navy submarines
- Creating extraction machines while moonlighting
- Business owners are more interested in terpene preservation
- CO2, Ethanol, Butane, Propane, which extraction method is better?- Why your finished product should drive your extraction methodology
- Monitoring and controlling extractions in real-time
- Fractionating, what is it and what does it matter?

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What are the 5 Trends Disrupting Cannabis Right Now?
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