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Jonah Barber is the co-founder of MRX Xtractors. Learn how profitable cannabis oil extraction can be and the different business models available to those in the business or entering this business.

Key Takeaways:
- From lab testing flower to extraction company
- A lot of oil on the market is not good, here’s why
- The profit margin on a gram of extracted cannabis oil
- Throughput from different extraction machines
- The different business models in extraction

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What are the five trends disrupting the cannabis industry?
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Linda Klumpers Ph.D. is a scientist from The Netherlands. Listen in as she describes how she has built an interactive web-based tool that allows you to find the best cannabis product for your specific need.

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What are the five trends disrutping the cannabis industry right now?Find out with your free cheat sheet at

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What if cannabis cultivators could use artificial intelligence (AI) to help them automatically identify a problem with their plants before the problem is even visible? Our guest today is Max Unfried chief AI officer for Max walks us through how AI is being leveraged in the cannabis space for the maximum benefit of growers and business owners.

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Torsten Kuenzlen is CEO of Sundial Growers in Canada. Torsten’s background is the alcohol industry, and he has been very outspoken saying that cannabis is going to outgrow alcohol soon. Learn why and how he thinks this will play out and why the cannabis industry is poised for paradigm shifting expansion.

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Key Takeaways:

- Torsten’s background in the alcohol and soft drink industry
- Why Torsten left the alcohol industry
- Bringing best practices from the alcohol industry
- Why measuring your grow in square feet makes no sense
- Why brand matters and how to create a great brand

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Nicole Wicker is the co-founder of Altopa which makes the Oblend. The Oblend device is the size of a K Cup coffee machine and sits on your countertop. The Oblend arrives with modular ingredient packs that allow you to create the perfect cannabis oil vape cartridge, tincture, topical and more.

The Oblend was awarded the innovation award at this year’s CES event in Las Vegas.

Key Take-Aways:
– Transferring expertise from the pharmaceutical industry
– Raising capital
– Creating a unique benefit for customers
– The difficulty with hardware products
– How to use the Oblend and home

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