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Alan Brochstein covers the cannabis investing space through his subscription membership site 420 Investor and through his investing news site New Cannabis Ventures.

In this wide-ranging interview, Alan and Matthew Kind discuss some of the most noteworthy IPOs in the cannabis space, how the US and Canada public markets differ, and how the cannabis stock landscape has changed and is changing.

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Dr. Ethan Russo a neurologist and psychopharmacology researcher. If you are in the cannabis industry or looking to be this episode will help you to understand the most important scientific aspects of the cannabis plant. Specifically, you will learn how terpenes radically change how you experience cannabis. Learn more about the benefits and science of cannabis terpenes.


Key Takeaways:
[1:00] – Dr. Ethan Russo’s background
[4:26] – Dr. Ethan’s study of cannabis
[6:15] – How does cannabis affect migraines
[8:35] – Dr. Ethan’s take on why cannabis was put on Earth
[9:38] – The endocannabinoid system
[12:44] – What is a receptor
[13:37] – Differences between indica and sativa
[17:56] – Dr. Ethan talks about the interplay between terpenes and cannabinoids
[24:11] – What does cannabis smoke do to the lungs
[27:01] – Rescue shots if you get “too high”
[28:31] – Dr. Ethan discusses the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis
[30:50] – What does cannabis do to the human body
[37:18] – How does cannabis help with chemotherapy
[39:37] – Dr. Ethan talks about CBD
[41:10] – What is THCV
[43:43] – Dr. Ethan answers some personal development questions
[48:28] – Dr. Ethan Russo’s contact info

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Ever wonder how to consistent get 3+ pounds of cannabis per light?Our guest today Josh Haupt from Three A Light will tell you how to do just that in an easy step-by-step way.

Key Takeaways:
[0:57] – What is Three a Light
[1:34] – Josh’s background
[2:20] – Josh talks about using cannabis for his epilepsy
[4:16] – Josh talks about his book
[7:23] – Different lighting used in grows
[10:50] – How to find Josh’s book
[11:33] – Josh talks about his harvests
[13:17] – Josh talks about creating his own nutrients
[15:28] – Delivery method for nutrients
[16:00] – What is Nutrient Lock
[17:21] – What is Schwazzing
[19:11] – Creating clones
[20:40] – Preventing hot spots in your grows
[21:55] – Josh talks about things he sees when consulting
[23:27] – Josh talks about greenhouses
[25:02] – Pests and diseases
[27:30] – Josh discusses the ideal growing media
[30:22] – Josh answers some personal development questions
[33:56] – Josh talks about the future of the cannabis industry
[37:07] – Josh’s contact details

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The CEO of Twitter and Square is Jack Dorsey. Last week Jack said “blockchain is the next big unlock.”

What Jack means by “unlock” is that it’s a disruptive but massively beneficial change.

In this episode, Matthew Kind details how blockchain will change the cannabis industry and your life. This is not an exaggeration and it is already happening.

Key Takeaways:
– A quick primer on blockchain and Bitcoin
– How blockchain technologies will impact chain of custody for cannabis plants
– How blockchain technologies will guarantee the authenticity of your cannabis
– Airing of Don Tapscott’s Ted talk on the financial impact of Bitcoin

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