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Henry Vincenty is the founder of Endoca. Henry has an outdoor hemp grow outside Barcelona Spain. Learn how he is leading the way delivery healing cannabinoids internationally.

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Key Takeaways:

- Henry’s background as a scientist and genetic researcher

- Bringing pharmaceutical best practices to cannabinoid science

- The most popular hemp-derived CBD products

- Living off the grid to create the most healthy plants

- Personal development questions




What are the 5 trends disrupting the cannabis industry right now?

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Justin Singer is the co-founder of Still Water Brands. Stillwater is focused on cannabis consumers that really don’t see themselves as cannabis consumers because they feel uncomfortable with the existing methods of consumption. For example, it is very confusing for a first-time cannabis consumer to understand why they don’t want to eat a 100mg infused chocolate bar, but instead, need to break it up into 10 or 20 pieces. First-time consumers ask, “wait, why do I need to break this bar up, isn’t a bar one dose?”

Justin and his team at Stillwater initially focused on rituals consumers are already comfortable with such as making a cup of tea. Stillwater’s water-soluble beverage additives including their best seller Ripple have resonated with a traditionally unrecognized and underserved market category.

Now Stillwater is going to offer their infused additives to other businesses.

This is a riveting interview you won’t want to miss.

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Dan Gusafik was recently featured in Rolling Stone magazine because he has developed a specialty in containing the scent of cannabis. It turns out local governments have created extremely harsh fines and can even close down your grow or extraction facility if the odor is too much. Listen in as Dan explains how to prevent odor and optimize your grow and extraction facility.

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Key Takeaways:

- How to contain cannabis odor to avoid fines
- The trade-offs of using different types of extraction
- The cost per square foot for grows and extraction facilities
- Why extractors do better than cultivators during gluts
- Best practices when designing a grow and extraction facility
- Creating two-tier grows


What are the 5 Trends Disrupting The Cannabis Industry?
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Many people are becoming familiar with hemp-derived CBD. Today’s guest is a Michigan entrepreneur that lost his wife and was left with three children. He started experiencing panic attacks. Frustrated with traditional pharmaceutical options his neighbor turned him onto CBD and it changed his life and eventually led him to launch MadeByHemp to offer CBD to the public.


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Key Takeaways:

- Jeff’s background

- How Jeff lost his wife

- Turning to traditional Pharma

- Jeff’s neighbor offered him CBD

- Feeling human after abandoning traditional meds

- Starting the business in his basement

- Opening a retail storefront in Indiana

- Hemp incubator plans



What are the five trends disrupting the cannabis industry?
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In this episode Matthew Kind that last predictions he made about the cannabis industry and then lays out disruptive changes that will impact the cannabis industry in the next five years. Considering how many Matthew got right the first time around, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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