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Michael Kadonoff is the Founder and CEO of Braingrid. Braingrid allows any non-technical person to hang little devices around your grow room and immediately start collecting data about your grow. Including temperature, humidity, CO2 and more. Learn how growers are harnessing this data to build the grow rooms of the future today.

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Key Takeaways:

- Michael’s background as an inventor and at GE

- What growers think they know about their garden is actually not wrong but incomplete

- How Braingrid’s Sentroller collects data and presents that data as insights

- Will this system increase your yield or your efficiency

- Preventing mold and equipment failure

- Creating redundancy in your grow

- Traceability and health compliance

- Michael’s favorite book and tool

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Because vape pens are so convenient and discreet consumers love them, but cannabis and CBD companies are struggling to keep up with demand for vape pens. To help businesses streamline their workflow and eliminate bottlenecks a resourceful entrepreneur created a machine that can fill 100 vape pen cartridges in under 1 minute.

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What are the five trends disrupting the cannabis industry?
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Key Takeaways:

- Transitioning from a traditional degree in finance and investments

- How vape pen manufacturers are struggling with the wave of demand

- The specifics of how The Shark filling machine works

- Automating workflow after the vape pen cartridges are filled

- A look ahead at robotics and automation

- Mark’s days a face-painting Boston Red Sox fan

- A book that has had a big impact on his life

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Alan Gertner is the CEO of Hiku Brands (HIKU) in Canada. Listen in as Alan goes deep on why cannabis consumers choose brands and not products. Hear how Alan’s background at Google, baking sourdough bread, and being a ski guide in Japan forged him into the brand building Jedi he is today.

Fun fact, the president of Hiku brands is Trent Kitsch who co-founded Saxx underwear. Matthew geeks out a little on this underwear and it’s fun to hear why.

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Key Takeaways:
- How Alan’s father grew the first legal cannabis in Canada
- Why Alan left Google for a meaningful life in cannabis
- The way Alan measures happiness
- Why customers choose brands not products
- The evolution of cannabis preferences
- Alan’s favorite book and business tool

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Karson Humiston is the founder of Vangst, a multi-state recruiting company focused on the cannabis space. Karson is on the Forbes list of The Top 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs on the rise.

Listen in as Karson describes how to hire the perfect candidate to help your business grow. Karson also lays out how to create a successful career in the cannabis industry and what kind of candidates are getting hired.

Key Takeaways:
- How Snoop Dogg’s VC fund invested in Vangst
- Common mistakes employers make hiring
- The devastating math behind misfiring
- How to ensure employees are successful in their new roles
- Enticing executives from other industries

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What are the 5 trends disrupting the cannabis industry right now? Find out with your free report at

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