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Nick Hice is a master grower. Nick grew up working in his parent's nursery and took his green thumb to the cannabis industry. Listen in as Nick reveals all his insider info to help your grow.


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Rob Smith started out growing before legalization in rural Maine. Hear his journey from the black-market to the legal market. Rob became a cannabis entrepreneur renting out trim machines, and now his latest invention a plant trainer that allows home-growers that are limited by plant count to get the biggest plants possible.

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Key Takeaways:
- Finding your niche by serving the cannabis community around you
- Transitioning from the black-market to the legal market
- Which trim machines are the best for cannabis
- Why Rob created the Atlas Plant Trainer
- Lessons learned from trying to raise capital too early

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Kyle Marshall is the founder of Morsel Bakery in Oakland CA. Listen in as Kyle shares how he deals with the challenges and opportunities in California since adult use became legal on January 1st. Kyle talks about real estate challenges, incubators, building a brand and driving a truck full of trim.

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Avery Collins is well known in the UltraMarathon community for excellence in competing but also his consumption of cannabis. Listen in as Avery explores why and how he uses cannabis and how it impacts his training.

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