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Dustin Johnson is the founder of Adakai Holdings. Adakai owns Monarch dispensary, Huxton Brands (Flower and Vape Pens) and Omaha Farms. Listen in as Dustin discusses how he created a recognizable brand of cannabis flower.

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Matthew Kind evolved the idea of the MacGyver Quotient from this investor's thesis around The MacGyver Factor

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Ever wonder how to consistent get 3+ pounds of cannabis per light?Our guest today Josh Haupt from Three A Light will tell you how to do just that in an easy step-by-step way.

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Roy Bingham is the CEO of BDS Analytics. BDS collects sales data at the point of sale in dispensaries. Roy knows EXACTLY what is selling and what cannabis product trends are accelerating and what trends are fading. In this interview, Roy tells us what is selling in California dispensaries.

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Dr. Ethan Russo a neurologist and psychopharmacology researcher. If you are in the cannabis industry or looking to be this episode will help you to understand the most important scientific aspects of the cannabis plant. Specifically you will learn how terpenes radically change how you experience cannabis.


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