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Kris Krane is founder and president of 4frontventures.
Kris gives us a quick executive briefing on legalization in about a dozen key US States.

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Mowgli Holmes, PhD is the co-founder and CEO of Phylos Bioscience in Portland.

Mowgli and his team do fast affordable sex tests for cannabis plants and also offer plant genetics tests. Listen in as Mowgli shares his knowledge of plant genetics so you can have thriving plants.

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What are the five trends that will disrupt the cannabis industry in the next five years?Find out with your free cheat sheet at.



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Listen in as Dooma Wendschuh co-founder of discusses how he and his team are creating cannabis brewed beer and cannabis distilled spirits. Dooma transitioned from the US Cannabis Market to the Canadian Cannabis Market because he saw more opportunity in Canada’s federally legal marketplace.

Interesting factoids about Dooma

- He was the co-founder of the software gaming company that made the mega hit game Assasin’s Creed that has grossed over 5 billion dollars in sales

- His favorite book is The Hard Thing about Hard Things
- His favorite business tools are Slack and SmartSheet

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and on twitter at @doomadooma

What are the five disruptive trends shaping the cannabis industry?
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Bob Pratt is the co-inventor of The Herbalizer, arguably the most expensive vaporizer that cannabis enthusiasts consider the gold standard. Bob formerly worked in the Aerospace industry on the stealth bomber.

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What are the 5 trends that will disrupt the cannabis industry in the next 5 years?
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Ryan Smith is focused on streamlining the process of bringing cannabis cultivators, infused products companies, and dispensaries together. Understand why if you want your cannabis product to get into dispensaries you need to be on Leaflink.


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What are the Five Trends That are Disrupting The Cannabis Industry?
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