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In this interview, Michael Beck of Royal Gold reveals the optimal growing medium for cannabis plants. He also tells us to avoid the most common problems new and veteran growers make.

– What is Royal Gold
[2:39] – Michael discusses how he got started in the soil business
[3:13] – Soil’s role in creating a healthy plant
[4:16] – What makes a thriving plant
[5:54] – Overwatering, the biggest mistake made by first-time growers
[6:54] – Michael discusses healthy microbiology
[10:33] – Michael talks about oxygenation
[11:18] – Advice to veteran growers
[12:30] – Trying new techniques in your grow
[13:53] – How to optimize cannabis yield with fertilizer
[16:22] – Michael talks about ph levels
[19:15] – What is EC
[24:32] – Treating water before using it on plants
[26:46]- -Fertilizing for small grows and earthworm casting
[30:34] – Signs of too much water
[33:15] – Michael talks about what makes Royal Gold stand out
[34:33] – Contact details for Royal Gold


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