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Foria is a cannabis-infused intimate oil for women and it’s getting a lot of attention. We’ll find out how Foria is helping women feel more vibrant and alive than ever. In this interview with Jon Brandon CEO of Foria we’ll explore how to use the oil, what to expect, and where to find it.

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Marc Lustig CEO of CannaRoyalty joins the show today. While other industries have benefited from royal investments this is something new to the cannabis space. Listen in as Marc details the benefits of royalty investments for both investors and entrepreneurs.

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Important Update: What are the five trends that will disrupt the cannabis market in the next five years?Find out with your free guide at

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Anthony Wile is the founder of The Wile Group. The Wile Group International is a value-added venture capital firm focused on powering private investment opportunities. Anthony talks about the cannabis landscape and why he is investing in South America cannabis companies.

Anthony has a keen eye for trends and has been remarkably prescient in predicting large tectonic political shifts and business opportunities. 


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Expert Grower Nick Hice of Denver Relief Consulting walks you through his grow and talks about;

- Plant management

- Watering

- CO2

- Flood Tables

- And More


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What are the five trends that will disrupt the cannabis industry in the next five years?
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Seibo Shen is the co-founder and CEO of VapeXHale.

A former stuntman Seibo began a crazy quest to find the best vaporizer. After trying hundreds of vaporizers he finally gave up and decided to make his own. He posted his plan online and got over a million views to his site that documented his quest to make the perfect vaporizer. The end result is the VapeXhale.

Hear about Seibo’s quest and why athletes from MMA and the NFL seek his advice on how to effectively use cannabis.

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