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David Goldstein is the co-founder of Potbotics. Potbotics flagship product is Potbot. PotBot is a unique medical marijuana recommendation engine that uses cutting edge neural-net algorithms to recommend cannabinoid levels and custom strains to medical marijuana patients. By combining scientific data and crowdsourced reviews, PotBot’s desktop and mobile app will guide patients toward the appropriate strain and consumption method for their specific ailments, eliminating the need for patients to experiment with different strains themselves.


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Learn why Greg Engel left a lucrative position in the pharmaceutical industry to become the CEO of a cannabis cultivation company called Tilray. Tilray is part of the Privateer Holdings portfolio and it considered among the best capitalized and most well run Canadian cannabis cultivation companies. There are significant differences between how the government regulates cannabis in Canada in the U.S. We go over some of those differences and more in this interview.

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This sleek home grow solution looks like something Apple would make if they were in the cannabis space, it’s just beautiful. With an app and beautiful grow grow cabinet you are about to become a master grower, it’s easy, find out in this interview.


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What are the 5 Trends that will disrupt the cannabis industry?


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Have you ever been too high? taken too many edibles? taken one too many hits off a joint? well Nicole Smith from Mary’s Medicinals thinks she can help you with that problem. Mary’s Rescue is a small drink that can help bring you down when you feel you over-medicated.

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Michah Tapman is a Partner and Program Manager at CanopyBoulder the first cannabis accelerator. In this interview we explore the big problems that need to be solved in the cannabis space, how entrepreneurs are picked to particpated in the CanopyBoulder program and more.  Learn more at

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In this episode you’ll get a glimpse of what indoor growing will look like in the years ahead. Where water, nutrients, are delivered to plants on demand without the need for soil, the sun, or much growing space. Chad Sykes is the founder and CEO of Indoor Harvest,

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Interview with Julie Dooley, Founder of Julie’s Natural Edibles. Julie discusses the different ways to make cannabis infused edibles. Learn how different strains of edibles can affect your symptoms. We explore why Julie uses cannabis butter for her edibles.

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Interview with Christian Nitu, Co-founder of Weave. Weave is both a cannabis search engine, but also an analytics and insights platform for dispensaries.

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Johann Hari is the author of Chasing the Scream, The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs. Johann walks us through all the alarming and rarely mentioned ways the war on drugs hurts societies and how ending prohibition brings order. Johann details how countries around the world are ending prohibition and the amazing results they are seeing as a result.

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Matt Karnes, founder of GreenWave Advisors takes his keen analytical eye and helps understand the cannabis industry in size and profit potential compared to other “sin” industries.

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