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In this episode Ben Holmes of Centennial Seeds helps us understand the importance of cannabis and hemp seeds and where we are in terms of having a good seed stock. Ben also talks about why it is often preferable to grow cannabis from seed instead of growing clones from a mother plant.

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Cristina Sanchez is a molecular biologist from Complutense University in Madrid Spain.  She has been studying cannabis for fifteen years and has discovered that cannabis sends a message to cancer cells to commit suicide.

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Up until very recently machines that automated the cannabis trimming process were awful.

They were not designed well, they produced cone-shaped buds and they would get gummed up with resin easily. The GreenBroz automated machine just works. It is quiet, fast and treats you buds extremely gently. 

Learn why growers and business owners both love the GreenBroz machine

Interview with Cullen Raichart of GreenBroz.
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Cheryl Shuman beat cancer with the help of cannabis and went on to become the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and a media darling. 

Key Takeaways:

1:13 – Cheryl’s background

2:39 – Cheryl talks about how cannabis oil helped her in her fight against cancer

4:59 – How did the eating and meditation play a role in Cheryl’s recovery

11:12 – Overview of California’s cannabis laws

17:02 – Cheryl discusses her growing preferences

18:07 – Cheryl discusses how celebrities feel about cannabis

21:01 – Cheryl talks about her fund for investing in cannabis businesses

26:46 – Cheryl discusses cannabis stocks

28:07 – Cheryl talks about her appearance with Patrick Rea of Canopy Boulder on CNBC’s Power Lunch

29:54 – What is the Super Pac

31:21 – Cheryl discussing important issues she doesn’t get time to elaborate on in TV interviews


35:34 – Cheryl’s contact info

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Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a New York City-based non-profit organization working to end the War on Drugs. Ethan is regularly interviewed on major news outlets including: Rolling Stone, Fox News, The Colbert Report and more.

Ethan brings a unique and insightful view into as to why the war on drugs has failed. Ethan’s thesis is that we should try to minimize the harm of abusive drug use on society. 

Key takeaways:

1:07 – Ethan explains the work of the Drug Policy Alliance.

3:35 – Ethan gives his opinions on why the war on drugs was started.

7:15 – Do private prisons have too much power on influencing legislation on drugs?

10:28 – Portugal’s model in decriminalizing drugs.

19:09 – Ethan explains how he sees prohibition ending in the next five to ten years.

24:59 – How someone can get their voice heard in ending marijuana prohibition.


28:14 – Ethan’s contact information.

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Learn about the immersive, social game called Grow Show. This game will allow you
to grow plants online with friends, earn virtual funds, and even pass the peace pipe.

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Megan Stone the founder of the The High Road Design Studio tells how most dispensaries are not optimized for an optimal customer experience. Megan shows us how to design a dispensary from the ground up to be attractive, functional and secure.

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David Bernstein, founder and CEO of WeedHire discusses broad cannabis employment trends, where the jobs are and more.

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In this interview with the co-founder of Jazmin Hupp you will discover:

- Jazmin’s background

- What Women Grow does

- How to successfully create women friendly products that sell

- Where Women Grow operates

- How to get involved

- Examples of women that broken into the cannabis industry with no previous experience


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Interview with Alison Ettel is the co-founder of
What you will discover in this interview:

- How Alison learned of cannabis when she awoke from a coma

- Why Alison was disturbed by the lack of healthy cannabis products

- Her uncompromising near obsessive focus on high quality cannabis

- How she conducts extraction from the plant and why all extraction is not the same

- What strains of cannabis are helpful for certain ailments and symptoms

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Find out why investors and cannabis companies are converging on The Marijuana Investor Summit in April in Denver. Avoid the mistakes that most rookie cannabis investors make and understand where the market is heading before the masses.

Use code: cannainsider 


for a discount between 10-20%

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