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If you are interested in what it takes to be a profitable, cutting-edge, commercial cannabis cultivator you’ll love this interview with expert grower Nick Hice of Denver Relief.

Key Takeaways:

0:55 – Nick gives his background in Horticulture.

2:43 – Nick explains what is meant by a flood table.

6:49 – Size of Denver Relief’s facility.

7:14 – The life of a cultivator.

10:20 – Nick explains an ideal yield per square foot.

12:56 – Are there different growing speeds between the different strains?

14:10 – Nicks explains how to take care of cannabis plants.

17:21 – Advantages on using fabric containers.

21:17 – The ways the canopy and roots communicate to optimize a plant.

23:15 – Nick explains NPK.

23:52 – Nick explains common mistakes cultivators make.

27:29 – The transition between indoor growing facilities and greenhouses.

32:29 – Nick talks about optimal temperatures and humidity ranges.

35:08 – Nick explains how CO2 is administered in a cultivation facility.

36:28 – Nick talks about pests and diseases.

44:29 – Nick talks about trends and technology in cultivation.


49:35 – Contact info for Denver Relief and Denver Relief Consulting.

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In this interview with the CEO of Canna Security Dan Williams, we will learn about the gaping holes most cannabis operations have in their security plan, the top ways employees and criminals steal cannabis and the latest and greatest in cannabis security (Hint: Seal Team 6 is involved)


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Dr. Michele Ross came into public consciousness when she appeared on the reality show Big Brother. As a PhD neuroscientist Michele has an outspoken view on what the conventional medical establishment lacks and the immense promise of cannabis. Michele is also the co-founder of GreenStone Labs.

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Trent Woloveck, COO of American Cannabis Consulting, walks us through their modular cannabis cultivation cube. This efficient use of space ( an extra eighteen lights) allows cultivators to create up to 250K more revenue a year. 

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David Hua, the CEO of Meadow walks us through his cannabis home delivery app called Meadow.

David tells us how his app is different then competitors such as Eaze and NestDrop. Recently Meadow was accepted to the famous accelerator called Y Combinator.


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Foria is an erotic, cannabis infused oil for women and it’s getting a lot of attention. We’ll find out how Foria is helping women feel more vibrant and alive than ever. In this interview with Jon Brandon CEO of Foria we’ll explore how to use the oil, what to expect, and where to find it. 


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The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo is the place where everybody in the cannabis industry meets everybody else. Listen in to hear how to make the most of your conference experience with George Jage,President of Marijuana Business Media. CannaInsider listeners get $50 off the conference with coupon code: cannainsider50 register here:

Matthew Kind hopes to see you there in Chicago in May!

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Dr. Michelle Sexton has an impressive resume both in terms of understanding how cannabis interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid, as well as understanding the problems and shortfalls with modern day cannabis testing. Learn more at

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In this candid interview with Texas state representative David Smith, we discuss his bill (HB 2165).

This bill proposes not only making cannabis legal in Texas, but also to have no restrictions on cannabis at all. 

That means no dispensaries, no state regulators to oversee it, it would simply be treated like another plant like a jalepeño or a tomato. 

David’s Christian beliefs is one of the key reasons he is in favor of legalizing cannabis because “everything god made is good.”

Key quotes:

“Most politicians know  this the right thing to do but are too scared of getting reelected”

“We don’t need the government to be parents”

“freedom, responsibility and limited government”


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In this interview with the co-founder of Mantis Ad Network, Paris Holley, we’ll learn exactly how cannabis-based business can advertise online and increase their sales. Paris gives specific expert suggestions anybody can use to get started. 

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Edibles and vape pens are changing the cannabis market right now. People are shifting away from cannabis products that involve lighters and smoking. As such the demand for cannabis extraction technology is growing month-by-month. Patrick Taylor of Eden Labs walks us through the technology and opportunity.

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In this episode Ean Seeb co-founder of renowned dispensary Denver Relief discusses how he started the dispensary with friends and how he helps new dispensary owners with his business Denver Relief Consulting. Ean is also the Chairman of the National Cannabis Industry Association and he talks about why it is important for cannabis businesses to work together to create the positive change the industry needs to move forward.

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