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Nolan Kane PHD is mapping the cannabis genome at The University of Colorado (Boulder) and Kevin Frender is a Managing Partner at BlackDogLed. They help us digest and understand the promise and opportunity of genetic study as it pertains to cannabis.

Key Takeaways:

1:35 – Nolan describes his research.

2:52 – Kevin discusses the promise of genetic study in cannabis

3:36 – Nolan explains what determines the genetic profile of a plant.

4:43 – What is synthase?

5:38 – Kevin talks about Epigenetics.

6:29 – Nolan explains how his research helps cultivators.

11:08 – Broader look at Epigenetics.

13:59 – Nolan explains hybrid vigor in the context of genetics.

16:41 – Kevin explains what hybrid vigor looks like.

17:30 – Nolan explains what questions are being asked by businesses about his research.

18:52 – Kevin explains the benefits of LED lighting.

20:33 – Nolan gives information on how to donate to his research.


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