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Listen in as Michigan medical marijuana dispensary owner Mark Passerini describes how Michigan is different than other states in terms of legalization, and how two pending laws promise to change the landscape significantly.

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Picture this, you want some high-quality cannabis delivered to your door, you use Eaze to explore strains on your phone and 10 minutes later there is a knock at your door with your cannabis. Yes I did say 10 minutes later, that' super fast!, well that’s Eaze and it’s coming to you. This interview with Keith McCarty CEO of Eaze will detail the promise and obstacles facing rapid home delivery of cannabis.

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Interview with CEO of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus. We explore consuming hemp for health, ayahuasca, DMT, flotation tanks, gut health and more. This interview will open your mind, don’t miss it.

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In this interview with Bruce Schulte from the coalition for responsible cannabis legislation in Alaska we get an update on where Alaska is on formalizing adult use cannabis. Discover the key dates and how legalization will unfold. Listen now.

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In this interview with Shango Los, Founder of Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance, we explore how an island near Seattle that has been zoned for cannabis cultivation is working hard to be the Napa Valley of cannabis. Download this enlightening interview now.

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Nolan Kane PHD is mapping the cannabis genome at The University of Colorado (Boulder) and Kevin Frender is a Managing Partner at BlackDogLed. They help us digest and understand the promise and opportunity of genetic study as it pertains to cannabis.

Key Takeaways:

1:35 – Nolan describes his research.

2:52 – Kevin discusses the promise of genetic study in cannabis

3:36 – Nolan explains what determines the genetic profile of a plant.

4:43 – What is synthase?

5:38 – Kevin talks about Epigenetics.

6:29 – Nolan explains how his research helps cultivators.

11:08 – Broader look at Epigenetics.

13:59 – Nolan explains hybrid vigor in the context of genetics.

16:41 – Kevin explains what hybrid vigor looks like.

17:30 – Nolan explains what questions are being asked by businesses about his research.

18:52 – Kevin explains the benefits of LED lighting.

20:33 – Nolan gives information on how to donate to his research.


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Veronica Carpio is on the cutting edge of cultivating hemp in North America. She tells how we can think about the hemp opportunity, the ins and outs of growing hemp and about her tasty hemp coffee, called Colorado Hemp Coffee.

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Outspoken hemp advocate and author Doug Fine talks about how hemp is transforming industries in remarkable and sustainable ways. Doug’s charisma and energy shines through as he inspires us to reconnect with nature.

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OBEE Credit Union of Olympia Washington currently has twenty cannabis related businesses and more in queue. James talks about why they decided to help their members that own cannabis businesses. James also reveals a very clever way that dispensaries can avoid using so much cash.

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Privateer Holdings is a private equity company focused exclusively on the cannabis space.

Privateer’s portfolio of companies include: Leafly, Tilray and now Marley Natural. Marley Natural promises to be the first global brand of cannabis.

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Ron Kammerzell is the Deputy Senior Director of Enforcement at Colorado Department of Revenue, he is often referred to as the Colorado Cannabis Czar. 

What you’ll discover in this interview:

- How edibles regulations are changing

- Lessons learned by Colorado regulators

- A look at banking for cannabis businesses

- Excise taxes on cannabis going forward


1:26 – What does being Senior Director of Enforcement Entail?

3:40 – Cannabis businesses adapting well to regulations.

5:12 – What is the Cole Memorandum?

6:32 – Some problems with edibles and how to solve them.

10:25 – Misinformation about regulations and how they should be interpreted. 

12:43 – Production limits overview.

18:47 – Future of taxation on medical and recreational marijuana.

20:05 – How tax rates are calculated.

24:17 – Ron talks about questions they receive from other states looking to legalize.

25:33 – What could cannabis businesses do better in 2015?

27:05 – Contact information for the Department of Revenue.

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