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Learn the latest in cannabis vaporizer technology from co-founder of O.penvape Ralph Morgan. Learn why Ralph thinks you are wasting 80% of your cannabis smoking a joint versus vaping.

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In this interview Maureen McNamara of helps us understand how cannabis business owners can make a connection with their customers so customers stay loyal. Maureen also shares some best practices on creating edibles in the kitchen.

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Douglas Leighton of Dutchess Capital details why most people don’t understand how the cannabis market is different. Most new businesses have to convince prospective customers to try their product or service. This is not the case with cannabis. There are millions of people that use cannabis illegally right now they just need to be brought over to the new, legal market.


Also learn about Doug’s savvy investment style that includes investments in: MassRoots and Dixie Elixirs

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Listen in as Genifer Murray, founder and president of CannLabs describes the different ways CannLabs tests cannabis, not just for potency but for harmful substances like mold and heavy metals.


She also tells us the highest THC level she has ever seen in a cannabis flower. Don't miss this episode.

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The New York Times calls Jake Browne “The First Pot Critic.” 

Jake is the critic for The Denver Post’s "The Cannabist” Column

Key Takeaways

- Jake reveals his favorite strains for people who are trying cannabis for the first time

- How Jake evaluates buds

- The best cannabis for sleeping

- Jake’s favorite strain

- Jake’s favorite vaporizers


- A special discount on a subscription

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Emily and Morgan Paxhia have jumped on to the scene of cannabis investing with a fury. They are emerging as thought leaders in the industry and focused exclusively on cannabis investments. Learn why they are so bullish on this industry and what they are investing in now.

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Steve DeAngelo is perhaps the most recognized person in the cannabis industry. You will undoubtedly recognize his ever-present pig tails and distinctive hat as well as his two businesses Harborside Health Center and The ArcView Group of Oakland California.

What you will discover in this interview:

Steve’s background in activism

How he co-founded Harborside Health Center, The ArcView Group, and Steep Hill Lab

How the legalization of cannabis is unfolding in other countries 

Why Steve rejects just the two categories of medicinal or adult use for cannabis

How cannabis helps people with their patience, sensuality and creativeness


Steve reveals his favorite strain of cannabis as well as how many miligrams of THC he puts in his homemade edibles, HINT it’s the most I have EVER heard of.

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Listen in as Julianna Carella and Lauren Fraser of Auntie Dolores discuss how to create edibles that people really want. Auntie Dolores creates THC-infused edibles that include cakes, brownie bites, pretzels and their famous pretzels. Learn more at

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Renowned cannabis investor and advisor Leslie Bocskor gives us his prescient insights into where the cannabis industry is heading in 2015 and exciting technologies that are emerging. Leslie goes into detail as to why he believes Las Vegas will become the Silicon Valley of Cannabis very soon. 

Leslie Bocskor is a Managing Partner at Electrum Partners

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Understanding the changing landscape of concentrates with James Slatic, CEO of Med-West.  James talks about why not all vape pens are the same and how discreet infused products like their gums, sprays and sublingual tablets are changing the game. Learn more at

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