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Alan Brochstein, an expert on cannabis stocks and Jay Czarkowski a dispensary owner turned consultant highlight all the pivotal events that took place in 2014 for the cannabis industry.


Topics covered:

- The states that legalized in November

- The wild roller coaster year for cannabis stocks

- The provisions in the omnibus spending bill that prevent the DOJ and DEA from going after cannabis businesses that are following state laws

- How tribal lands are opening up to cannabis

- Nevada, the next state to have a huge impact on the cannabis industry

- The next big brand in cannabis

- Clinical Trials for cannabis as a medication

- Colorado: what worked, what didn’t from a regulatory and business point of view

- Hemp, its time has come, get ready

- Marijuana Business Daily Conference in Las Vegas

- How public opinion is changing even in conservative states


- What 2015 and 2016 look like for the cannabis industry

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After perfecting alcohol home delivery with a very convenient and easy to use app, Nestdrop turned their focus to cannabis home delivery. In this interview with Michael Pycher, Co-founder of Nestrdop we’ll learn how you can enjoy home delivery of alcohol and cannabis. 

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Tripp Keber and his business Dixie Elixirs have been highlighted on 60 Minutes and more recently The Pot Barons of Colorado. Tripp is perhaps the most successful and visible entrepreneur in the cannabis space. In this interview you will learn about:

Tripp’s background
How Dixie Elixirs was started and how it got its name
About the innovative delivery methods Dixie is developing for Cannabis
Why Tripp believes we are in the midst of an exciting social change
Why infused cannabis products are the future of cannabis


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In the strong tradition of technology accelerators like TechStars and Y Cominbator, Patrick Rea has created CanopyBoulder. Unlike the other accelerators, CanopyBoulder is focused exclusively on cannabis startups. Listen to the interview and learn what an accelerator is, how it helps entrepreneurs not only with capital, but also with mentors, office space and more.  Learn more at:

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Dooma Wendschuh, Co-founder of Ebbu has ambitious plans for the cannabis industry. He wants to help you dial in the sensation or mood you want to experience and then guarantee you get that exact sensation over and over again. Ebbu does this with a proprietary distillation process. Ebbu will be launching with five signature “feelings” that include: chill, bills, giggle, create, and energy.


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In this interview filmmaker DJ Parmar tells CannaInsider about his new documentary CannaBizNess that will explore the topics of: cannabis entrepreneurs, cannabis investors, and the growing cannabis market.

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Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy talks about what it is like on the front lines in Washington D.C. fighting to ensure the continued progress of the legalization movement.

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Sean Campbell, CEO of Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG) describes how to meet all the regulatory hurdles and satisfy the legal requirements to open a bank account for your cannabis business.

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MadFarma creates the cleanest cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are typically much higher in THC and CBD concentration and offer a lot of benefits over other kinds of cannabis consumption. 

Learn how to spot a bad concentrate so you can avoid them. Fascinating interview and provides a great glimpse into why consumers are migrating to concentrates and edibles.

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Jane West is the co-founder of Women Grow, an organization with chapters around the country that is designed to allow the women leaders of the cannabis industry to connect with one another, but also help women trying to get into the industry.  Learn more at:


Jane is also the co-founder of Edible Events. Edible Events is Colorado's premiere cannabis event production company. Imagine having a swanky party for your next event where the delicious food is designed to enhance your cannabis experience. Learn more at:

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