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Garett Fortune, CEO of Funksac, walks us through where packaging is in the cannabis industry. He delves into how Funksac not only protects your cannabis but also how it can be used to effectively build a cannabis brand that customers love. Visit

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What is it like to come up with an idea for an app with a couple of friends only to watch the app grow from zero users to 215,00 users in a year?


We explore this question with the CEO of MassRoots, Isaac Dietrich. Isaac was a finalist in Peter Thiel’s 20 under 20 fellowship program. Isaac shares the difficult but rewarding journey it has been to get MassRoots to this point, and how he feels MassRoots is now poised for greatness.

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Bruce Linton’s Tweed is a publicly traded cannabis company with over a 100 million dollar market cap. Listen in as Bruce compares the good and bad between Canada and the U.S. Learn more at

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Brian Vincente is an attorney and founding partner of the firm Vicente Sederberg in Denver, Colorado.

Brian works in the dead center of the cannabis industry and its fast moving and constantly changing cannabis laws and regulations.

Brian not only advises clients how to profitably work with the existing framework of cannabis laws, but is working to help shape the laws that will effect the cannabis industry for years to come. 

In 2010 Brian was elected the first-ever chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Learn more at:

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Leafly is an application that allows you to learn and explore the universe of available cannabis strains to optimize your medicinal or recreational experience. Once you have dialed in on the strain of cannabis you want Leafly helps you find the best local dispensary to fit your needs based on reviews from residents of your community. The Leafly App is very easy and fun to use to explore strains near you. Learn more at

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Cannabase offers an online wholesale marijuana marketplace that connects commercial growers with retailers and dispensaries. Cannabase promises to do the heavy lifting for retailers and growers to help them facilitate their ability to both buy and sell cannabis with the right partners. Listen to this interview with Jennifer Beck, co-founder and CEO of Cannabase in Denver Colorado.


Prior to October 1 2014 dispensaries were required to grow 70% of their own cannabis. This requirement was called, vertical integration. With the end of vertical integration both dispensaries and cultivators are freed from the burden of selling only what they grow. This presents tremendous opportunities for both growers and retailers. aims to help these two parties connect.

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Interview with Daniel Yazbeck CEO of CDx, Inc.

MyDx is a handheld device straight out of a Star Trek episode. Simply place a small amount of cannabis into it’s sensor and watch as your smart phone is illuminated with information about the plant.  MyDx will provide information on: toxicity, cannabinoid profile, THC concentration and more.

Beyond reporting on various attributes of the plant, MyDx will also help you optimize what specifically you like about a plant so you can refine and optimize your medicinal or recreational experience.

If you are an accredited investor Daniel also shares how you can learn more about investing in his company CDx, Inc. Learn more at 

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Many cannabis business owners focus only on the bottom line, serving their customers and generating revenue. But just as important as making money is mitigating risk. Mark Slaugh, CEO of gives us a brief on staying in compliance with regulators.

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Alaska, Oregon, California, Washington D.C. Florida and Guam all had various forms of cannabis legalization on the ballot. Listen in as Diane Czarkowski of Canna Advisors gives us expert insight into what happened with the votes, including one shocker that surprised us both.

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What is like to leave a successful career on Wall Street and become both a
dispensary owner and the CEO of one of the most innovative companies
supporting cannabis cultivators, we are going to find out the answer to that
question in our interview with Derek Peterson CEO of Terra Tech.

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What you will learn in this interview:

  • How to present your cannabis deal so it is attractive to investors
  • How to become an investor in Troy’s network, The ArcView Group
  • How some investors are making 16+% loaning money to cannabis businesses
  • Where the cannabis industry will be in five years

and more

Whether you are an investor looking to allocate funds to promising cannabis startups or you are a cannabis focused entrepreneur, this interview is for you. 


Troy Dayton, CEO of The ArcView Group paints a picture of where the cannabis investment market is right now. Troy says that most companies in the cannabis space will fail, but Troy gives some insights and tips on which investments he thinks are the most promising. Learn more at

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