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We just reached possibly one of the largest milestones in creating pure, consistent cannabinoids in a lab. Here to tell us about it is Kevin Chen of Hyasynth Bio.

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Key Takeaways: 

[1:32] An inside look at Hyasynth Bio and its work creating biosynthesized cannabis compounds

[3:05] Hyasynth Bio’s first product, an ultra-pure CBD oil created using cultured cannabinoids

[7:44] How Hyasynth Bio is improving CBD production in terms of both speed and purity

[9:12] Why multinational companies are gravitating towards biosynthesized cannabinoids for better consistency and supply chain performance


[16:55] How biosynthesized cannabinoids are paving the way for international cannabis brands and which products Kevin believes will go global first

[21:23] How cellular agriculture is giving us better access to rare cannabinoids

[27:48] Why cellular agriculture is easier to automate and how this might influence prices in the cannabis industry

[32:21] Hyasynth Bio’s strategy to profit primarily through intellectual property licensing

[36:24] Where Hyasynth Bio currently is in the capital-raising process

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