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A corner of the cannabis marketplace quietly gaining popularity is CBD for pelvic pain and sexual wellness. Here to tell us more is Adina Leifer, a pelvic floor physical therapist and the founder of Silkx Society, the first medically-backed CBD lubricant for pelvic pain.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:07] Adina’s background as a pelvic floor physical therapist and her Atlanta-based practice, Able Therapy

[2:12] An inside look at Adina’s new company Silkx Society, a CBD lubricant designed specifically for pelvic pain

[7:20] How CBD can benefit different types of pelvic floor dysfunction

[11:56] The challenges of starting a CBD company and some valuable lessons Adina has learned along the way

[14:08] How Adina came up with the formulation for her CBD lubricant and what sets it apart from others on the market

[20:48] Where Adina sees this category heading over the next few years

Note from Adina: Men have pelvic muscles and can experience pelvic pain. It can present as a constant ache in their abdomen or below their testicles. Physical therapy is a great treatment for men with this pain, and this pelvic serum can help them as well.

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