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If you are interested in what it takes to be a profitable, cutting-edge, commercial cannabis cultivator, you’ll love this interview with expert grower Nick Hice of Denver Relief.

Key Takeaways:

[0:55] – Nick gives his background in Horticulture.
[2:43] – Nick explains what is meant by a flood table.
[6:49] – Size of Denver Relief’s facility.
[7:14] – The life of a cultivator.
[10:20] – Nick explains an ideal yield per square foot.
[12:56] – Are there different growing speeds between the different strains?
[14:10] – Nicks explains how to take care of cannabis plants.
[17:21] – Advantages on using fabric containers.
[21:17] – The ways the canopy and roots communicate to optimize a plant.
[23:15] – Nick explains NPK.
[23:52] – Nick explains common mistakes cultivators make.
[27:29] – The transition between indoor growing facilities and greenhouses.
[32:29] – Nick talks about optimal temperatures and humidity ranges.
[35:08] – Nick explains how CO2 is administered in a cultivation facility.
[36:28] – Nick talks about pests and diseases.
[44:29] – Nick talks about trends and technology in cultivation.
[49:35] – Contact info for Denver Relief and Denver Relief Consulting.

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