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Ron Kammerzell is the Deputy Senior Director of Enforcement at Colorado Department of Revenue, he is often referred to as the Colorado Cannabis Czar. 

What you’ll discover in this interview:

- How edibles regulations are changing

- Lessons learned by Colorado regulators

- A look at banking for cannabis businesses

- Excise taxes on cannabis going forward


1:26 – What does being Senior Director of Enforcement Entail?

3:40 – Cannabis businesses adapting well to regulations.

5:12 – What is the Cole Memorandum?

6:32 – Some problems with edibles and how to solve them.

10:25 – Misinformation about regulations and how they should be interpreted. 

12:43 – Production limits overview.

18:47 – Future of taxation on medical and recreational marijuana.

20:05 – How tax rates are calculated.

24:17 – Ron talks about questions they receive from other states looking to legalize.

25:33 – What could cannabis businesses do better in 2015?

27:05 – Contact information for the Department of Revenue.

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