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Banking is one of the toughest problems for the US cannabis industry, but one company is about to change all that. Here to tell us more is Cooraez Keshvani, CEO of ReThink.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:41] An inside look at ReThink, the leading blockchain financial platform for cannabis and other high-risk industries

[2:26] Cooraez's background in biomedical engineering and how he came to start ReThink

[4:41] The biggest obstacles in cannabis banking right now

[8:54] How ReThink's KYC, anti-money laundering, and built-in compliance make it safer than other blockchains

[14:31] ReThink's payment options for apps, online, and in-person

[16:47] How cannabis retailers can easily integrate ReThink into their point-of-sale software and delivery apps

[18:48] Where Cooraez sees lending in cannabis heading over the next few years

[20:04] How ReThink's fees compare to other cannabis payment processors 

[25:09] ReThink's efforts to create a standard global currency country by country

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