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As the push for recreational cannabis picks up steam in southern states, one company is working hard to make sure brands are primed and ready to get out on top. Here to tell us more is Brittany Phillips of Shake Collaboration.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:24] An inside look at Shake Brands, a southern-based cannabis branding and product development company

[3:07] Brittany's background in design and what led her to enter the cannabis space

[8:40] How Shake Brands is different from other full-service groups

[13:56] The biggest pain points for cannabis startups right now and how to navigate them

[17:39] How to develop a strong visual identity despite restrictions on language and advertising

[19:27] How federal legalization will impact cannabis branding

[20:53] Shake Brands' new Arkansas-based CBD and wellness company, CBD & Me

[26:56] Trending cannabis products in AR and other southern states right now

[28:32] AR's recreational cannabis legalization timeline

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