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With the demand for cannabis testing services on the rise, one company has found a way to provide top-tier equipment at a quarter of the price. Here to tell us more is Yvette Pagano of GenTech Scientific, a supplier of quality refurbished laboratory equipment for the cannabis industry. 

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Key Takeaways:

[1:14] An inside look at GenTech Scientific

[1:52] Yvette's background in manufacturing and how she came to enter the cannabis space

[7:18] GenTech's biggest customers in cannabis and the company's wide selection of lab instruments

[10:26] Where GenTech sources its equipment

[12:48] How GenTech is able to save clients up to 70% on top tier lab equipment

[17:50] The first steps to starting a cannabis lab 

[20:48] GenTech's training and education programs for cannabis labs

[25:20] Where Yvette sees the cannabis testing market heading over the next few years

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