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The products being purchased in cannabis retail stores are changing, and this leaves cannabis companies with two options: adapt and look ahead...or get left behind.

Here to help us stay on the right side of that equation is Cy Scott of Headset.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:55] An inside look at Headset, the leading cannabis data analytics company

[1:34] Cy’s background as a co-founder of Leafly and how that led him to start Headset

[3:43] The fast-evolving cannabis beverage market

[11:16] Cross-category attachment rates for cannabis drinks and the product categories that sell most frequently with beverages

[14:59] Why the California vapor pen market is becoming more and more popular among younger generations

[20:24] How new celebrity-led cannabis brands could influence the industry

[25:44] Cy’s advice to new brands trying to get shelf space in an increasingly competitive market

[30:26] How Headset helps businesses leverage real-time cannabis market data to grow and stay ahead of the curve

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