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With extracted cannabis-derived products making up about 50 percent of all cannabis products sold, extraction equipment is in high demand. Here to tell us more is Nick Tennant of Precision Extraction.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:52] An inside look at Precision Extraction, the industry leader in cannabis extraction equipment, C1D1 lab planning, and extraction training

[1:40] Nick’s background in cannabis and what led him to start Precision Extraction

[4:28] Biomass and why it’s a critical component of cannabis extraction

[9:04] How Precision Extraction’s diverse line of equipment is designed to accommodate different production needs

[13:14] Shifting consumer trends in cannabis-derived products and how Precision Extraction’s clients are able to adapt more quickly 

[22:34] Why Precision Extraction freezes biomass before the extraction process

[25:09] The most common mistakes Nick sees new business owners make when trying to develop cannabis-derived products 

[27:32] How Precision Extraction’s premade C1D1 lab containers known as “Extraction Pods” are saving businesses time and money

[29:35] How Nick sees the cannabis extraction market evolving over the next 3-5 years

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