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If you have a business serving cannabis growers, it can be hard to get funding. Here to walk us through her nontraditional path to funding is Liz Wald of Good Earth Organics.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:46] An inside look at Good Earth Organics, one of the nation’s leading organic soil brands

[1:05] Liz’s background and how she got into the cannabis space

[2:33] What today’s cannabis cultivators are looking for when purchasing soil

[7:59] Difficulties in shipping soil across the country and how Good Earth Organics is working to minimize these challenges

[12:15] Good Earth Organics’ history serving cannabis growers and why the company is the go-to choice for so many cultivators

[15:22] Lessons Liz learned during her time working for IndieGoGo and her advice to those interested in crowd-funding

[24:21] How Good Earth Organics is raising capital through crowd-funding for both product development and national expansion

[25:49] How inflation is affecting cannabis and why Liz believes “the upside opportunity is 10x the expected increase in cost”


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