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The end of federal prohibition of cannabis is on the horizon as we enter a new, more mature phase of growth for retailers and growers.

Here to tell us more is Matt Hawkins of Harborside and Entourage Effect Capital.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:20] An inside look at Matt’s work as Chairman of Harborside and Managing Partner of Entourage Effect Capital

[3:56] How Matt’s background in private equity has helped him make Harborside a success

[8:14] The potential for reverse takeovers in cannabis over the next few years

[11:41] Why Matt urges cannabis companies to “be more humble and get deals done”

[14:16] What would happen to the cannabis market if we eliminated 280E, a regulation that prevents cannabis companies from deducting normal business expenses

[17:15] What the new administration in DC could mean for cannabis

[18:32] Vertical integration versus specialization and which will gain more popularity as the cannabis landscape continues to shift

[23:55] Why Matt predicts the first national cannabis brand will either be in the edible or liquid categories

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