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Retail design and brand identity are pivotal to creating a successful cannabis dispensary.

Here to give us some pointers is one of the industry’s top experts: Megan Stone of High Road Design Studio.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:46] An inside look at High Road Studio, an award-winning interior design, branding, and consulting studio for cannabis dispensaries

[1:20] Megan’s background in cannabis and how she came to start High Road

[4:08] How cannabis retail design has changed over the last five years

[8:02] The two big things you have to get right when creating a retail design

[8:51] The biggest mistakes Megan sees companies make in cannabis retail design

[12:26] The importance of leaving room for experimentation in retail design and how to do that in a safe way

[16:22] Challenges Megan encounters when moving from the design phase to the build-out phase and how she overcomes them

[20:58] What kind of budget you need to achieve a thriving retail environment and how to spend money for the biggest ROI

[31:40] Examples of brands that successfully resonate with their customers and what we can learn from them

[34:05] Where Megan sees cannabis retail heading over the next 3-5 years

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