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Entrepreneurs are bringing pharmaceutical science to the cannabis world to create products that provide consistent and predictable benefits.

Here to tell us more about it is Andreas Boeckl, founder and CEO of Dispersa Labs.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:14] An inside look at Dispersa Labs, a biotech company using dry powder inhalation technology to create breathable cannabis

[1:54] Andreas’ background and how he came to start Dispersa Labs

[6:43] Why inhaling cannabis in powder form is better than smoking flower

[11:05] Spray-drying and why it’s important to Dispersa’s manufacturing process

[12:47] How Dispersa Labs suspends cannabinoids inside tiny aerosol particles to create Sula, a patented cannabis powder for pulmonary delivery

[14:15] Examples of commercial inhalants similar to Sula, including the popular asthma drug Advair

[22:20] How Sula is more discreet than other cannabis consumption methods

[31:42] Where Dispersa Labs currently is in the capital-raising process


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