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As the cannabis industry matures, new and innovative ways are emerging that allow investors to capture a stake in the growth of young cannabis companies.

Here to tell us about it is Jeffrey Finkle of Arcview Ventures.

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Key Takeaways: 

[00:52] An inside look at Arcview Ventures, the leading private investment network and market research firm in the cannabis space

[1:34] Jeffrey’s background and how he got into the cannabis space

[4:39] How Arcview’s new member-managed cannabis fund is giving investors access to deals with greater ease and flexibility 

[8:42] The requirements an investor needs to meet in order to join Arcview Collective Fund

[10:03] A breakdown of the different investor archetypes and how Arcview Collective Fund benefits each

[20:57] Jeffrey’s advice to entrepreneurs on how to successfully pitch their companies to investors

[25:33] Arcview’s process for follow-on investments and liquidity events

[31:03] Gaps emerging in the cannabis marketplace right now and where Jeffrey sees the industry heading over the next few years

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