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Founded in 2015, cannabis accessories company Hemper has quickly become an industry leader - and all thanks to their monthly subscription box. Here to tell us about it is Bryan Gerber, CEO of Hemper.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:56] An inside look at Hemper, a premium monthly subscription box for smoking essentials

[2:25] Bryan’s background and how he got into the cannabis space

[7:39] How influencer marketing helped Hemper get its start

[10:59] Ways in which Hemper uses their subscription box to collect real-time data on customer behavior and preference

[21:39] How COVID is affecting the community aspect of smoking and ways in which Bryan plans to bolster that community virtually

[26:55] How Hemper became one of the largest pre-rolled cone manufacturers in the world

[38:01] Why Bryan believes you must control the price in order to secure your place in the market 

[40:56] How Hemper is working to become a leading manufacturer in different smoking accessory products

[41:46] Where Hemper currently is in the capital-raising process

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