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With COVID-19 keeping people at home, cannabis delivery is booming.

Here to tell us more about it is Tim Conder of Blackbird Logistics, one of the industry’s leading software and operations companies.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tim’s background in cannabis and how he came to start Blackbird
  • An inside look at Blackbird and how the company facilitates the movement of cannabis products at each touchpoint of the supply chain
  • How Blackbird fits in with its parent company TILT Holdings
  • Ways in which cultivators, dispensaries, and brands can benefit from Blackbird
  • How payment is being handled for home cannabis deliveries amid COVID-19
  • Recent changes Tim has seen in cannabis delivery and where he sees it heading in the years to come
  • How customer behavior is different than usual and the products people are ordering most
  • Tim’s advice for cannabis companies trying to navigate COVID-19

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