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Have we seen the last of the Pot Com bust in cannabis stocks? Or should we expect to see more downside ahead?

Here to help us answer this is Andrew Zatlin of SouthBay Research, the cannabis industry's rising leader in unconventional investment data tracking.

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Andrew’s background in economic forecasting and how he came to start SouthBay Research
  • An inside look at SouthBay Research and its mission to provide best-in-class macroeconomic forecasting and actionable insights
  • Andrew’s insight on cannabis stock valuations and where we currently are in the Pot Com bust
  • The vice index and why it’s important to the cannabis industry
  • Shocking similarities between alcohol, gambling, and cannabis
  • Reasons why cannabis might start looking like Kentucky's whiskey industry
  • The types of businesses that Andrew foresees excelling in cannabis
  • When and how cannabis brands will begin to emerge
  • Andrew’s advice on how cannabis investors and entrepreneurs can best position themselves for the years ahead

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