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A firefighter out of college, Cody Shirk’s expertise in finance is self-taught.

Today he’s a full-time investor and the founder of Explorer Equity Group (EEG), a global alternative asset manager that works to capitalize on investment opportunities off-the-beaten-path.

With investments in industry household names including Kush Bottles and Regulated Solutions, Cody’s latest non-mainstream investments lie in - you guessed it - cannabis.

In this episode, Cody shares his insights on the future of cannabis and advice for both entrepreneurs and investors looking to break into the industry.

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Key Takeaways:

- Cody’s background in investing and how he came to start Explorer Equity Group and Explorer Partnership

- Ongoing propaganda against cannabis and how the industry is working to improve public perception

- The cannabis businesses Cody has invested in thus far, including Kush Bottles and Regulated Solutions

- What Cody looks for when investing in cannabis businesses and his advice to startups seeking funding 

- Cody’s outlook on startup investment and the price of cannabis over the next 1-2 years

- Asia and South America’s developing economies and the exciting investment opportunities within

- Cody’s tips on how entrepreneurs should go about approaching investors as well as ways investors can determine the best entrepreneurs to get behind


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