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The cannabis industry is projected to hit $31 billion by 2021, and with its growing demand comes a desperate need for scalability.

Enter Jon Gowa, founder and CEO of Bloom Automation, LLC, a Boston-based company revolutionizing the way we harvest marijuana through robotics and automation.

Designed to “trim with the precision of a human, but the efficiency of a machine,” Bloom Automation’s robots use smart optics and proprietary algorithms to increase efficiency and cut production costs - an enticing proposition to the next generation of cultivation.

In this episode, Jon shares a little about the goings on at Bloom Automation and the importance of robotics to the future of cannabis.


Key Takeaways:

- Jon’s background in robotics engineering and how he came to be founder and CEO of Bloom Automation, LLC

- The benefits of robotics and problems the industry is working to resolve

- The ins and outs of Bloom Automation and the technological solutions it provides the cannabis industry

- Price versus ROI and the increased production rates cannabis business owners and cultivators are witnessing thanks to Bloom Automation

- The 2-3 days of training required for new operators

- Challenges Jon is working to overcome during the company’s beta development phase

- Jon’s outlook on the future of robotics in the cannabis industry


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