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Delivery and curbside pickup sales are booming as cannabis retailers seek new ways to accommodate customers during COVID-19. Here to tell us about it is Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO of I Heart Jane.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:54] An inside look at I Heart Jane, the first cannabis e-commerce marketplace

[1:25] Socrates’ background and how he got into the cannabis space

[8:32] The type of retailer I Heart Jane typically works with and how the company has grown over the last year

[13:10] How I Heart Jane helps retailers streamline their businesses with automation and real-time integration

[15:50] How dispensary delivery and curbside pickup sales jumped from 17 to 50 percent overnight and what that means for the future of cannabis

[20:55] How I Heart Jane is helping retailers overcome obstacles with delivery and curbside pickup

[23:24] Why I Heart Jane’s business model is superior to GrubHub’s

[29:34] I Heart Jane’s integration services for retailers, including everything from point of sale to CRM

[34:31] Where Socrates sees cannabis e-commerce heading over the next 3-5 years

[39:46] Where I Heart Jane currently is in the capital-raising process

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